Many people ask me why as an attorney, I made the choice to become a financial advisor.

My reasons were evident with a recent client, a C-suite executive woman who needed a comprehensive wealth plan for her retirement, investment, employer benefits, estate and legacy planning, and financial goals.  While she had a high level of self-efficacy and could lead a Fortune 500 company, she also wanted and needed the support to lead her family in the same way. However, she was strapped for time and needed guidance. I was able to offer her that guidance, and in a way that was much broader than legal advice. 

As a former estate planning attorney, I created peace of mind through careful planning and diligent advocacy. However, as I evolved in my career, I knew I wanted to provide a broader scope of guidance to my clients. I realized that my legal clients often reached out to their financial advisors when big events occurred in their lives. They looked to their wealth managers as true advocates in many areas of their lives. When I looked at what brought true meaning to my work, I realized that I was most fulfilled when I was able to delve into areas of my clients’ lives that included more than legal advice. It is the client’s story and learning about their goals and aspirations that inspire me to provide meaningful work.  

Now as a financial advisor, I am able to keep my clients on course in so many aspects of their lives. I have the opportunity to work with clients in a way that touches additional aspects of their lives. I am able to offer them financial advice to set them on the right path to achieve their goals, as well as reassure them that through their financial decisions, they will be able to achieve the goals that they have dreamed about for so long. Alternatively, I am able to work with clients who may not know the path to achieve those goals and can help them make decisions today, that will make those achievements possible in the future.

Becoming a financial advisor has brought not only success but has also allowed me to live an inspired life. From entrepreneurship, to controlling my own destiny and schedule as a working mom, as well as the lessons I can teach my daughter, I have been able to create a life that I also advocate for my clients. A life where I am pursuing my passions and achieving my goals. The combination of legal and financial planning work that I deliver, has allowed me to create a niche where I can work closely with my clients to develop and live their own inspired lives. Being a part of their decision-making in aspects of their lives that will affect them today and for generations to come, gives me great pride and true joy.

My client is like so many other high-achieving women who, despite their success,  need the guidance of a financial advisor to pull everything together.   There is a sigh of relief when they see a path to achieving their goals and dreams come true. As for me, I no longer worry about the billable hour as an attorney, my main concern is helping my clients achieve their dreams.

Are you living your inspired life? If not, what are you waiting for?