During this current period, we are forced to go into our inner core. The true definitions, and meanings of life, becomes much more essential. The simple act of breathing is a blessing. We don’t understand what is going on. Furthermore, the uncertainties of the times, at hand, are forcing us to see how we are supposed to truly be, alive! Much of that pertains to working to see ourselves, for who we are. Who are we as individuals? Most importantly, who are we in reference to our very names?

One of the beauties in the writing of our names is how we are viewing the shape of, ourselves. Witnessing the design of who we are, and how we matriculate throughout Earth’s planes. Our particular rhythmic patterns, movements, beat, and other things. That’s one of the intriguing aspects, surrounding signatures. The curves and twirls of our names gives us a window into how we move. More than being suitable for fancy business models, or as part of a logistical process. Signatures are healing. They are spiritual. Having a Universal aesthetic, surrounding them, they create a kind of euphoria in seeing the sound of our very existence. To observe the foundation of our sound, in order to experience how it is played upon in our writing. Recognition, and understanding, of the movement within our sound re-ignites the energy within our very names. When we capture this sound through the form of writing, we are observing our stilled energy in the Universe. At least one version of it.

(Photograph Provided By Jamie Cohen; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Within these current era is when we need to observe and examine the Universal aesthetics of our signatures. Its why the work of Graphotherapist, Jamie Mason Cohen, is ever more important during this epidemic. Gifted in his ability to interpret signatures, his work has captured one Universal aesthetic, in the realm for humanity to highlight their names, in galaxy’s spacing. With the current energies and instabilities happening, due to the epidemic, it is more than important, for people to re-center themselves in their very identity. From their name comes a balance of centering and restoration. Sound exudes energy. Furthermore, it gives us the ability to take a trip back to when we were first born. Why were we given this name? Why did the energies, reflected in the symbols, seek us? What is it about our very name, which has a particular shape, design, structure, and pattern of our matriculation on Earth?

In listening and observing those talks by Jamie Mason Cohen, it is clear that he is bringing humanity’s more sensitive and loving side, back into the corporate sectors. Imagine that! Just render in the thought of executives, business leaders, and others being in tuned with their staff and employees’ personalities. Knowing their character and traits, as people. Taking that personal time of connecting with individuals on a personal level. Feeling their energy patterns, by their very signatures, alone. Connecting with their existence as people, first, in order to grapple with what they can bring to the corporation. How they can produce and use creative energy, alone, to expand the company.

Take that same openness, and apply it to this current dilemma (in being able to cope with isolation) uncertainty, and the fear of tomorrow. Many people are facing tension and anxieties. The death of loved ones is forcing many to reconsider who they are. Old pains are re-emerging. People are realizing that they were so busy working, that they forgot, who they were. Death, and observing it happening during this time, is forcing individuals to come to terms with the life and power in their very name. How is their name connected to their life’s purpose? What is the journey they were meant to take on Earths’ planes? What are the lingering problems, which have yet to be resolved? Even more importantly, what are the steps being taken to resolve them? While the current times are also faced with a number of challenges, there is a beautiful opportunity to re-center, and find power in one’s name.

(Photograph By Eric Benchimol; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

One of the skills of Jamie Mason Cohen is that he is gifted in reading the movement patterns and shapes of signatures. In his world, signatures have a life of their own. They may be observed as stagnant objects. However, behind signatures, there are stories. The movements and shapes of the signatures reflect how a person matriculates with other people, in the very audacity of space and time. Cohen is truly a master of such. It means that handwriting is more than archiving ink to paper. More than a mandatory stamping of being able to finalize an agreement, between two or more parties. One the contrary, signatures tell stories. Even in the context of business arrangements, signatures tell stories.

In taking us into the world of storytelling and personalities, through signatures, Jamie Mason Cohen is providing listeners with the opportunity to create a personal level of intimacy with our signatures. It means that through intimacy, and re-connecting ourselves through our personal signs, we are taking on a healing process. Furthermore, there is a way of cleansing our mind from all of the toxic auras, which have been projected against our very psyche. Whatever childhood traumas, that continue to linger, we can return to our signatures. Any emotional baggage, or pain that we still carry, can be released through the power of our names. In examining them, and seeing any pain within them, we can begin the process of gluing back any broken pieces of our emotional state. We observe and analyze where we are; the current patterns of our lives. What do our names speak about our pain? Our humanity and emotional connection to others? Even among the prettiest, and most eloquent signatures, pain can be found. Simultaneously, even in the most pain induced signatures, beauty and love can also be found. Ironic isn’t?

The emotional and spiritually healing work of Jamie Cohen is more than relevant for these current times. People are in a place of stillness. For many it is very agonizing and difficult, because having to be still means that one has to see and hear some very ugly truths. Truth can be painful. Sometimes it can be dangerous. Nevertheless, it is necessary in order to get through that next hurdle of being emotionally elevated. Placing pain in the past, once and for all. Who would have ever thought that something as simply as a signature would carry so much weight and meaning in our lives? Who would ever have imagined that within our signatures, there is a healing component? Meaning those very shapes, lines, curves, and dots have the answers and solutions in healing past pains. Out of pain arises beauty. Even in signatures, showcasing their ugly side, there is beauty, arising.

(Photograph By Fantasia Bahia of Cana Hotels; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

What the current COVID-19 epidemic is forcing many people to do is assess this being, called humanity. Have we been operating in our true state? A natural state which is soothing, calming, and elevating. OR have we been in work mode, stress mode, unnatural mode? Many times, people’s tendency to overwork derives from hiding. Wanting to use work as an excuse to run away from personal traumas. Some of these are rooted in our denials; especially, if we are climbing to a higher ladder in our careers. If we are high achievers there is an understanding, that hard work pays off. While that is true, its important to understand that how we work can be a little softer. Its not good to lose ourselves in the work. Furthermore, its better to use work, in order to find ourselves. That is extremely important and nourishing, in locating our Being. If our name is written in the stars, then it means there is magic within our very names. There is so much beauty and love in the sound, of who we are. That’s one of the treasures of the work of JAMIE MASON COHEN. Assisting the world in finding humanity, in our own captured sound.

Now that the world has become still, there is a peaceful quiet, which has erupted. A lot of noise has been flushed out, and a quiet peace is giving us that opportunity, to listen. Listening to those sounds, entrapped into our very name. What do we hear? Which symbols, curves, lines, or dots highlight an eloquence into the very sound of our name? And, how does it give us incite into who we are? Clearly, there are people who specialize in taking people through this particular journey. Understanding that there is an aesthetics in the world of signatures.

In this period, we are forced to be still. Compelled in understanding that humanity has come to a period of taking that inner look. Navigating an inner journey, and understanding that we have a great opportunity to listen. Observing and taking note if we have been moving to the rhythm of our natural sound. Clearly, something is out of sync, and nature is forcing us to stop and re-align. In fact, its not a bad thing. On the contrary, its a perfect opportunity for humanity to find personal restoration. Its essential in our ability to find truth and love, in our natural rhythm. In the “normal” world, we were too busy. Now, we have time! So, write your name, and recognize the healing signs!

(Photograph By Yuri Rabin; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

For more information on the work of Jamie Mason Cohen, you can click on the following link: https://jamiemasoncohen.com/, Twitter: @jamiemasoncohen


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