Scissors, check. Glue, check. Old magazines, check. Posterboard from the dollar store, check. Tape, check. Cup of tea and your slippers, check and check. You, my friend, officially have all the supplies that you need to create your very own vision board, no artistic talent required!

Vision boards, or as I like to call them, dream boards, are a simple and experiential technique to visually highlight your dreams, intentions, and goals. In my eyes the lovely part of the vision board experience is not in just creating the final product but in the process of thoughtfully moving through each step with no timelines.

Step One: Writing

Before a picture has been cut or glue applied, the first critical step in the process is reflective journaling. Our lives are so busy that we rarely sit down to think about our aspirations for our lives. With your journal or a piece of paper, ask yourself questions such as, “What are my dreams or goals in the next 2-3 years?” or “What are words or intentions that I would like to focus on in my life?” Be kind to yourself in this step and really allow yourself to listen to your dreams. Resist the urge to analyze your goals; just let them flow! Your list can be as simple as bullet points or complex with great detail.

Step Two: Browsing and Cutting

Empowered with your list from step one, begin browsing through your magazines. What images and words stand out to you? Do you find yourself smiling as you envision yourself in one of the pictures? Enjoy the simplicity of turning the pages as you delicately cut out as many images and words which call out to you.

Step Three: Arranging and Gluing

Using your words and images, begin identifying where on your poster board you would like your images to go. Play around with it as there is no right or wrong location; the format is completely up to you! Next step, grab your glue and prepare to be transported back to elementary school. Begin gluing your pictures on your board. Side note: you might not find a home for all of the words and images that you cut out. This is completely fine as it is your own creation and no rules apply.

Steps Four and Five: You and Your Vision Board

You are almost complete with your very own vision board! There are only two final essential steps. Now that your vision board is complete, the essential next step is to prominently display your board somewhere where you will see it on a daily basis. Some people love to hang their vision board beside their bed or on their closet door. Anywhere is fine as long as it is not stuffed in the back of your closet or under your bed.

Now that your vision board has been properly displayed, find a picture of yourself and tape your picture above your vision board. You want to look at your vision board and not only see your dreams, intentions, and goals, but see yourself connected to everything that you carefully selected to be on your board as well.

Congratulations on creating your very own vision board! Take time to periodically review your board to identify your successes and ideas for revisions. Dream. Create. Believe!

Juliana Parker, M.S. is Certified Career Counselor and community college instructor and counselor. She is on a mission to inspire as many people to create vision boards and also the creator of