This week I listened to Oprah Super Soul’s podcast episode, Love & Connection (3 times I must admit). It’s SO good.

I loved the entire episode, and the below stat particularly stood out to me.

“10% of our long term happiness is built on the external world, 90% of our long term happiness is based on how your brain processes the world we’re in.”

I implemented the below habit:

  1. Identify when I am in a disempowered state because of an external factor 
  2. Write down all the thoughts I am having about that external factor that is leading to a disempowered state (get it all out)
  3. On the flip side of the paper write all of the amazing opportunities the situation is giving me 
    1. I.E an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to be patient, an opportunity to strengthen my communication, an opportunity to let go of fear 
  4. After you do this exercise it will become apparent which state you want to act in and all the opportunities you will gain by doing so

Let me know if you implement. Excited to hear about your wins!