During the rush of our days and weeks, we long for a simpler life. One without as many demands on our time. Where we could be with our family or have some time home after weeks of business travel.

Saying no to things during our busy days is difficult. We want to accomplish so much. There is an excitement to going here and needing to be there. Modern life has seduced us to use calendars and lists to organize our lives. Never teaching us that what might help more, is to remove things out of our day that aren’t as important as we first thought they were.

Strangely, the restrictions placed on our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, has forced a simpler life on all of us. With no restaurant or bar open to sit in, we have to go home. No school requires us to be with our children throughout their day. Video and phone meetings have eliminated our need for travel.

Our grandparent’s stories are now being relived by us in some small way. Empty grocery shelves today help us remember their struggle to have food to eat during the depression. Where their social lives revolved primarily around visiting relatives in their homes instead of at bars or restaurants. Because home was the center of their lives. Today, right now, it has become ours.

What will we learn from today’s challenges? We now get to test drive our simpler life. Surprisingly, finding something new that we might enjoy from our altered schedules. Possibly finding that some things, may not be as important as they were a short time ago.

What we choose to keep from this taste of a simpler life, when all restrictions are lifted, will be interesting to both see and enjoy as our days march on.

Originally published on https://gtathought.com


  • George Argires is a successful second-generation family business owner of Argires Snacks who loves to write. Blessed with a sixth sense for people, he remains fascinated by how much people miss in better understanding both themselves and life. George publishes his thoughts bi-weekly at gtathought.com.