When do I feel like I’m in my purpose? I think it’s when things feel easy. Things are flowing, like a river of motion, smoothly going from one moment to the next.

Like when I put together the agenda for a recent Writing Retreat. I was looking for a theme to drive the agenda, something that would inspire creativity and would release blocks and procrastination.

I ran across an article where the subject interviewed mentioned “circadian rhythm,” which is the body’s natural alarm clock governed primarily by our secretion of melatonin (at night) and serotonin (during the day). It also has value in gauging the best time for certain activities like meditation and exercise and optimal productivity. 

The top of my head tingled when I read that. By the way, that’s another way I know I’ve tapped into my soul, my inner wisdom; the top of my head actually tingles, which I take to be a nod of agreement from my higher self. Some people get chills or their stomach flips. My head tingles. So there you go!

Anyway, I saw the phrase circadian rhythm and immediately did a search on how using our own rhythms help us to find the time of greatest productivity. I figured it would mean the same thing for greatest creativity time. And, a ton of items showed up on Google. As soon as I pulled up an image of what a typical circadian rhythm 24-hour clock looks like, I knew I was onto something, not only as a theme but also as a way of always staying in flow with my natural rhythm. 

I mean who doesn’t want to be able to tap into their greatest genius? And if there’s a formula already built into our own bodies, then it’s something worth exploring further. This was an experiment I was excited to try.

So, very quickly, I put together the 2–½ day agenda based on the circadian clock. Looking back at that small window of time when I created the retreat — about 2–½ hours — it flowed so easily that I barely remember being a part of it. It’s like something else came in and took over. And, I figured out what it was. 

My soul took the wheel, grabbed the keyboard away from my procrastinating ass and did its thing, with purpose.

Purpose. It’s a rather over used term. Everyone’s looking for his or her purpose. And, I think we can sometimes make it too complicated, like we’re meant to hear a hallelujah chorus or an applause from on-high, the moment we tap into our purpose. Maybe it happens that way, but to my way of thinking most of the time it doesn’t.

I often repurpose some of writing in new forms, since I have written so much content over the last several years.

Re-purposing takes the pressure off

Now that’s an interesting concept. Taking something that was created in one original form, and giving it another purpose. Sometimes, it means adjusting, updating or adding to give it new purpose.

That got me thinking more about Purpose. Since it’s to be a lifelong pursuit, seeking or understanding our soul’s purpose, maybe it takes a little of the pressure off (because it’s a question that always needs to be answered and re-answered) if perhaps we instead re-purpose, or tweak, what we’ve been doing all along. I guess that’s one way to think about it.

We Seek…On Purpose

We recently celebrated my parent’s 80th birthdays by taking them on a memorable trip to Maui. During one of our discussions, I asked them what they are thinking about these days. My dad’s response took me a little by surprise. I assumed it would be about finding contentment with the road already traveled and counting the blessings of a life well lived. 

But, no. He said, “I think about what’s next. What’s my purpose and how can I fulfill it?”

I loved his response because it drove the point home even more for me, that we are here in this lifetime to seek. That’s it. And, those who do seek are always seeking more: more evolvement, more connection, more meaning, more flow.

So, getting back to the question: What’s a soul’s purpose? I think a soul’s purpose is to reveal deep answers to our human selves when we’re ready and able to hear them. Then, it’s up to us to integrate the answers and make the most of our time on Earth.

A soul’s purpose is not about making money or being famous or having 10,000,000 followers on Twitter or YouTube or Instagram. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But, that in itself is about one layer deep of shallow. However, if it’s done from a place of self-evolving, or by a person who is creating meaning, in both deed and relationships, and living a life driven by love, then it can be a lovely byproduct of a purpose.

I wonder if those who don’t have that sense of awareness find fulfillment in those tangible successes. And, is it sustaining?

I can get caught up in that sometimes. I’m in a quandary sometimes as to why some things are found and followed and go viral and other things aren’t. It gives me a stomachache even writing that. Why the stomachache? What do I have attached to that? My mouth went dry. Hard to admit, but sometimes I feel like a failure because I don’t have that huge following. And, now I stop and think, will I be brave enough to keep this paragraph in here, if I decide to publish this as a post?

But, there’s something in here for me to learn, I think, so I have to keep it in. What is it? Does my soul care about how many followers I have? No. But, sometimes I, the egoist human, do care. I really do want to share thoughts that may help someone think about something in a way that improves their life.

Sometimes I ask myself if maybe I should focus on writing somewhere that already has a built-in huge following. But, is that soul-driven? Perhaps the idea of repurposing is more ego driven? It doesn’t have to be. Is it ego to want to share good thoughts with more people? I don’t think so. I keep asking the questions in order to stay in awareness around it. That usually leads me to the right choice.

Should it feel hard sometimes? Probably. Growth is hard. Expansion hurts sometimes.

So, what’s next in the soul’s journey quest? Here’s the magic sauce.

7 Things to Do to Help Find Your Soul’s Purpose:

1. Keep asking the questions.

Our soul’s wisdom loves questions. Living the questions is what makes a purpose-full life. Deepak Chopra says “If you live the questions, life will move you into the answers.”

So ask the questions and allow the answers to present themselves.

    • What’s my purpose?
    • How can I contribute?
    • What am I to share with the world?
    • What’s my legacy?
    • How am I to connect?
    • What is my life’s meaning?
    • How can I serve the highest good?

2. Keep doing the work.

This is where the rubber meets the road when you allow your life to lead you to the answers to your deep questions. Meditate. Pray. Spread your gifts.

3. Keep following the flow.

Lean into what feels effortless. The more you look at what’s flowing in your life the less resistance you’ll feel.

4. Recognize when it feels really good.

And, do more of that, what feels really, really good.

5. Embrace the uncomfortable.

This sounds like the direct opposite of #4, but the uncomfortable moments can signify expansion and growth, as I mentioned above. Ask yourself what’s underneath the discomfort. Your soul will tell you if it’s something harmful for you or if it’s something that’s expanding you. If it’s the latter, breathe into it. Your soul’s got you.

6. Be grateful.

Be grateful for your big abundant life. Be grateful for your small life moments. They both feed your soul equally.

7. Always ask your Source for help.

For me, it’s God, the Archangels and ancestral spirit guides. Every day, I ask them to guide me in the direction of what serves both my highest good and theirs. Just asking them has guided me to, not only the awesome place in which I currently live, it has guided me to events and people that have changed my life.

Those are the ingredients to the magic sauce, I think, for a purpose-full life. At least one worth tasting.

Originally published at www.thoughtchangerblog.com.