A Space Between is a UK-based non-profit organisation with the core mission of making the practice of art a powerful connector, widely accessible and integral to enhancing health for people of all ages.

We three founders came together as close friends with a shared passion for creativity, community and wellbeing. Through our own journeys in dealing respectively with cancer, chronic-illness and hurdles in mental health, we know first-hand that a simple creative pause has the potential for powerful healing. We launched ‘A Space Between’ in November 2019 – a platform for creative connection.

Central to delivering our vision is a growing collection of colouring sheets drawn specifically for our organisation to be distributed in hospitals and into the community. Different to a generic off-the-shelf colouring book, these bespoke sketches form the basis for a powerful exchange between the artist and colouring hand and provide a meaningful, accessible gateway to the therapeutic benefits of art. 

Prior to the pandemic, our colouring sheets were delivered through hospitals (in waiting rooms, wards and for staff) and community centres by way of weekly open-access art tables and ‘creativity care parcels’. 

In light of Covid-19 and all associated social disjoint, we felt passionately that we could mimic our original concept to extend worldwide. We therefore (on March 17th) created an online programme through which people around the world can colour and draw for one another. The initiative – “Covid-19 Connect” (#colourtoconnect) – enables anyone to download an unlimited number of free sketches to colour in from an expanding online gallery of sketches sent in by people in isolation worldwide. With individuals taking part from every corner of the globe and ages ranging from 3 to 80 years old, we have also to date received sketches from the band COLDPLAY, fashion designer ERDEM and renowned illustrator Jackie Morris.

These collaborative coloured-in artworks are all featured on a growing, global “Covid-19 Connect” online exhibition

Alongside, there is an online gratitude wall: a page dedicated to globally unifying drawings and notes of love and support for our healthcare staff worldwide..

With care, compassion and creative connection, we can weave a powerful human bond and keep hold of one another’s hearts. 

Website: www.aspacebetween.co.uk

Instagram: @aspacebetween.co.uk