We have all had the chance to take a closer look at what is important in the last year,  how we want to connect with each other and where we see ourselves in the future. The extra time has provided us with an opportunity to be creative and encouraged outside the box thinking. 

Since 1993, I have been an entrepreneur,  blessed to pursue my passion for connecting people, products and services. Who knew, when I started my career as a national buyer for a major department store that I would begin to nurture the skills that would take me on a journey of creativity and innovation. 

I have made many pivots throughout my career, turning challenges into opportunities, listening to customers and reading changes in the market.  At some point, as a Marketing Consultant, I became the person who created innovative marketing campaigns for international audiences and businesses who were looking for a competitive edge. 

Now, as I approach another milestone, I have found that I am able to rekindle a long time passion and with a little trepidation transition to trading a pen for a paintbrush describing myself as an “artist”.

With a love for the visual arts, I started painting at an early age exploring watercolour, oil and acrylics. Attending art classes and workshops, trying various mediums from photography, etching, print making and life drawing before committing to acrylics.

My parents encouraged me to paint and as a child with a big picture window in the living room I drew murals around the holidays.  Taking my toolbox of paints and brushes creating images that I ultimately shared with my family and the neighbours in our community through a large transparent window that became the substitute for a canvas. 

Throughout high school, my favorite class was Art and Art History and I continued with electives in university learning about the masters and how they nurtured their inspiration.

I remember going to the library and reading books on Canadian Artists such as the Group of Seven and Emily Carr. Artists who shared a similar style through their interpretation of the Canadian landscape.  I began quenching a thirst to find women who would had created a life through the arts.  As you can imagine, at that time, they were very hard to find. 

Eventually, I had to make a choice and changed direction deciding that in order to sustain a life I would have to find work outside of the artistic community and soon my love for the arts had been moved into the category of hobby and collector rather than career. 

I never lost my love for colour and using my imagination to create images that are abstract in both form and shape.  I took my easel out of storage and once again began to paint using acrylics.  This medium dries fast, is fluid and easy to work with and I love the vibrant colour. 

Four years ago, as I was standing in my kitchen on a dull dreary day, I decided that my backyard needed a splash of color. I soon found myself in the studio, grabbed the nearest canvas and with a hammer and nails went outside and literally attached the picture to the fence. Soon, I was displaying art outdoors in the garden, on the walls of the house and outside on the patio. 

I have had art outside for almost 4 years and soon I was receiving comments from others interested in enjoying a splash of colour outdoors. I began product testing various techniques so that the works could remain outside throughout the year.  

Abstract florals to highlight the landscape of your personal space.

Each original work is treated to protect the canvas from the basic elements. Best suited for protected spaces with overhangs and sheltered openings the colour will remain vibrant for many years to come.

As we spend more time at home we are looking for new and innovative ways to visually enhance our personal space.  I often suggest to hang away from water sprinklers and just to be sure, choose your space so that the works avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

If your interested in experiencing a splash of colour, join me this summer at Landgon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa in Cambridge, Ontario for an art installation from June to October 2021. 

There is another wonderful benefit for these abstract florals of pure colour….  “No Watering Required”

Trish Tonaj is an Artist, Author and Speaker. She is the founder and host for shareyourstories.online a marketing portal in support of the entrepreneurial spirit and sharing great ideas.  Subscribe to the network and join us with your story!