Balladeer Curtis Mayfield gifted us with “Move on Up,” in the 70’s and I find it’s message in the background of today’s times refreshing…It inspires me to project a walkabout.

As part of a right of passage, many other cultures prescribe a solo walking journey either far from towns and cities or through public places — both cases the walk is in a bubble of solitude…

Over the last 50 years, I have taken walkabouts periodically as a cleansing journey or a deep walk to discover/uncover the soul’s questions.

On this glorious morning I prepare to enter into another chapter…a stroll to another corner of my soul…a stroll to another side…a stroll to unveil the corners that need more light…a step forward on a path, for which I am grateful to be so empowered.

The joy overflows my plates and bowls…while I will try my best to contain myself, so I don’t scream, I will simple Hug-A-Mug-Of-Joy.

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