Colin Levy is a filmmaker and an artist from the United States of America who currently resides in Los Angeles in pursuit of his directing dreams. In this interview Colin shares with us the mechanics behind his mode of operations and leaves behind a few tips;

How do you push through the anxiety and what have your major challenges been so far?

In some ways, anxiety is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and get the better of me. But it can also be a useful feeling – because it motivates me to work. I try to take anxious energy and convert it into productivity. Probably not the healthiest way of dealing with it, but –

I experience acute anxiety as a part of my normal life – it is just the way I’m wired. I’m learning to trust that things will work out, that good things take time. And learning to enjoy the present moment. I’m coming to realize that if you don’t find a way to enjoy the journey you’re on today, you won’t end up any happier, even in success.

What are your main tips to achieve success in any aspect of life, like in the career and relationship aspect?

Such a broad question!

For me, it’s been about being intentional with your time and effort. Push yourself to be better, do better. Anxiety helps with that! I’m my own worst critic, but it helps me improve my work – and improve as a human being. I am by no means a perfect person or a ‘great’ artist, but having the will and aspiration to improve I think is half the battle.

How do you avoid burn out?

Burnout is inevitable when you’re pushing yourself or you’re working on something for a long period. I love to work, but I need a balance. Some things I can’t just brute-force my way through. I try to follow my creative rhythm as much as I can. I can’t always force myself to work. I find that the biggest factor is sleep.

Take breaks, take walks, invest in your personal life, ha-ha.

For me, watching good movies always helps me recharge.

What constantly keeps you motivated?

Mostly, the work of brilliant artists, filmmakers, and human beings that constantly awe and entertain and move me. Seeing great stuff out there makes me want to make great stuff too. I feel very fortunate that my parents and family have been incredibly supportive of my work and my path as a filmmaker, even at a young age – and I’m so grateful for that. I’ve also been lucky to find an incredible group of collaborators I enjoy working with, as well as friends and supporters both in real life and online. Without them, I would have given up long ago!

What are your plans for continuous growth and success?

I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope to continue to challenge myself. I realized that I don’t like the feeling of being stagnant – staying in one place. As long as I’m learning something new or doing something a bit outside my comfort zone, I know I’m in the right place.