Bhoomika Kalam

Astrology is one of those topics which represent belief, faith and a strong future. The founder of Astro bhoomi, a well known personality Bhoomika Kalam is representing the belief system and faith successfully with her life changing guidance and support to the people. As a science graduate and an international tarot card reader, she is making a life giving journey with a huge network of people who got benefited by her kind guidance and suggestions. Although she got promoted as chapter chairperson of the renowned International Astrology Federation, USA, she is still taking every individual’s small to big problems as her own and giving a proper solution. Astrology needs a clean mindset with positivity and Kalam made herself perfectionist when it comes to Kundli Analysis, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu Consultancy, Social affairs and problems etc.

With all the immense experience and network, she was honoured by 3 national level awards for her flawless work and dedication towards changing lives. She got 3 national level research fellowships also which makes her extreme knowledgeable and highly skilled in this respective field. A life time achievement award by IAF is also included in her success list which also makes her an “Astro Legend”. With more than 50 lakh followers on social media, she is famous among group of youngsters also, as young guns are feeling more depressed now a days after that pandemic situation. She is helping young girls and boys to find suitable careers and resolving personal life issues also successfully.

She always believes one thing most and that is spreading love and peace with her knowledge and skills. In her journey of life, from a journalist to a successful astrologer, she is still in favor of simple and happy living without social hurdles and help for the people. She became part of many charitable programs as an active member and helped people from tribe and farmers also. Kalam is on her journey of changing lives and helping people and that makes her a different human being from others.

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