There is a place. A quaint type of place. It makes one feel as if life is a stroll in the park, or a walk on the beach. It is quaint. The waters on shore flow so calmly, and the scenery is vividly serene. Life is serene in this place.

You know what is so fascinating? You can come to learn about a particular setting, based on songs (and music), which are composed about them. How a singer sings the songs gives clues to the audience, regarding the city, space, and land. ??? Let’s also not forget the texture of the song, the rhythm, beats, and notation. Those will also play a critical role in how we relate to the song. Shall we move along?

In comes the world of Jazz music. As it is one of the musical performs of Black American, musical culture and her/history. Jazz music brings the velvet texture of Black America’s journey. For, it is a journey, which indicates one form of nurture, used by Black America’s gardens in the restoration and nurture of her people. Like musical honey, it kissed the wounds, and re-affirmed these people of peculiar gardens that things would be, alright! If nothing else, we were still human.

Jazz music maneuvered its way through different nations; crossing waters and soil in the process. Now, one has landed in Netherland terrain. The land, where people speak Dutch. It’s the land, where the wearing of wooden shoes are still, around. The legendary Sojourner Truth knew this sound. And so, it has come back around in the form of a peculiar hue.

A legendary dame of the Netherlands ?? places Dutch coloring, into Jazz music. The song is entitled “Zon in Scheveningen.” Translation: Sun in Scheveningen. First and foremost, where is Scheveningen? A quick search will yield the trick. That’s the easy way. And then, there is the way of permitting the song to marinate within one’s auditory framework. Let’s prefer the latter, for now. Hearing the texture of the song, there is evidence of water. Scheveningen is a place of harmony. As a matter of fact, a person hears it from the moment the song comes on. In addition, the sun has also made peace with the environment (and the space). Forget about it being glimmery and boiling hot. The sun has found its place, and Scheveningen has its shine. There is no need to compete, as there is enough space for, all.

Everything feels like a walk in the park. Evenmore is the feeling of living. It should be as easy as getting up in the morning, and drinking a glass of water. As natural as breathing the very freshness of ocean’s water. Life is much simpler, than what we have been led to believe. And right here, in the Netherlands, there is a place, which is giving the simpler side. You can feel it in the song. The easiness of it all. Oh, it’s a vibe of intense feelings, and it feels so alive. Zon in Scheveningen. Sun in Scheveningen! Sun is the glimmering through a precious nature. There is a sunny ? song ?, where the delights are sweet. The rhythm is relaxing, and the sound is a musical heat.