Mental depiction of shame is; a golden retriever looking down with his or her cute big eyes because they got caught doing something naughty. Unfortunately, shame is an never revealing mask. A lurker behind other emotions.    

Shame and I got close in my early 20’s after being graced with stretch marks. Saw a different layer of it after I got tattoos. Body shame.    

The second time in my 20’s.  A man I loved introduced me “as his friend” to his parents. Vivid sensor memory, sliding hand behind my back while fiddling his engagement ring. “He’s ashamed of me”.

During my 30’s; the ‘timeline shame’ took me on a couple of dates. Come to think of it. It was mostly out dancing.

The 40’s are now.

‘Kairotic moment’.

Shame can be good. The bad guy with the heart of gold.  For, no love can hold a candle to me, myself and I kind of love. That love does not comprehend judgement.


“Hmmm… How can you be ashamed of yourself and love yourself”.  Belief in self is center stage in self love. Education also takes many forms. If shame staggers self -worth may need a boost.  Without self – worth focus will not on the future.  Too busy looking down. 

Time to treat shame like a unwilling super hero! When air currents change and the vibration plays shame’s tune. Time to check in with oneself. Make sure that it is eyes full of love I am using to see.

Thanks shame. I am going to add a new definition to your Wikipedia page.

Eyes to the sky.

Stay tuned…