Classics, staples and foundations are words we constantly hear bandied around dressing and style. And while I think you cannot be too formulaic about dressing and the way we put our looks together, a framework is always a good starting place. But lets apply these words to another key part of our lives – to friendships. I believe how we compose our closets and friendships circles should be the same. Seventy-five percent of our friendships should be composed of the classics, the staples and the foundations, with a designated amount of space deliberately kept open to the new, quick hits of frivolity that keep the energy of newness moving through our lives–and our wardrobes should be composed the same way.

Repeating our favorite pieces is key, for many reasons, but mostly because it allows us to really work out our sartorial muscles, to refine and cultivate our individual style footprint. We all know the women who have put the time in and developed their personal aesthetic. This exercise is a journey, it takes time and patience and getting it wrong and putting up with seeing the pictures of the looks that didn’t work out! Finding a piece that feels so “you,” and figuring out what about that item really sets your style nerve tingling, and beginning to spend the time actually considering why it’s “so you.” What about the piece do you connect with? Every time you put on these gems, you are arming yourself with your best shield to go do whatever battle the day demands of you. Now imagine if your closet was filled entirely and only with these pieces, if you only owned and dressed from a closet filled with your oldest closest friends, who know you inside out and always make you feel amazing. Because that amazing feeling in friendships and in clothes is rooted in truly knowing yourself, and knowing the people and the things around you that bring out the best in you.

Now lets get to the also-important 25 percent hit of newness. This has a place in life and in great style. Leaving a consciously open place in our hearts and wardrobes hits the refresh button on how we think in a really necessary way. A few times a year when a trend piece crops up that feels like a new and exciting take on a “so you” classic piece, indulge! I will never endorse following any or every trend, but taking part in the refreshed visions of something that fits into your individual style framework is always a good creative exercise in updating and keeping your look current.

Exploring your style and building your armory starts with a ruthless edit and some quality time in your closet composing some epic outfits from your staple, foundation pieces. Edit, clean and pare down everything except the items that really work hard for you. Then discover why you love them so much and what they are saying to you. Start there–it will change your life, because walking into your closet should feel like walking into dinner and seeing all your best friends sitting around the table.

Top stylist Sarah Price has a client list to die for dressing A-listers and royal families around the world. In the ten years since studying at F.I.T Price has managed to mould the art of styling into an empowerment space for women, dressing fortune 500 companies founders for TED talks, arming women with confidence for red carpets and challenging her clients to step into their independent aesthetic. Through the gateway of their style and individuality, Price has famously helped her women rise to the top of their fields and the top of the best dressed lists for the last decade. Follow her in Instagram at @styletonic_sarahprice.