From a full-time researcher to sales manager, hustle and stress became a significant part of my life for ten years. A continuous pain on the right side of my neck forced me to visit the physician. After a check-up, the physician referred me to an ENT specialist. 

The specialist took a look at my ultrasound report and told me: “Joyce, we found a lump in your right thyroid gland. We don’t know whether it is benign or malignant. I advise you to undergo an operation to remove it before it becomes severe.”

The first question that popped up in my head was neither “Why am I getting this?” nor “What should I do with this tumor?”. The exact question I asked to myself that day was, “I don’t care whether I’ll die one month, one year, or three years from now, what is the one thing I want to do but haven’t started yet?” I knew the answer so vividly, my whole body responded and told me, “Yes, you MUST start this!” 

I’ve the passion to transform the lives of people by helping them become the best version of themselves. Coaching others was my side hustle while I remained a full-time sales manager. My insecurities and the fear of disappointment were the main reasons I was hesitant to start doing what I love. 

The tumor diagnosis pushed me to ponder over the thought of starting my journey as a full-time trainer and speaker. Finally, after half a year, I quit my full-time job and started the journey as trainer and speaker. This was three years ago, and the first part of my story. 

The second part of my story begins by revamping my diet, lifestyle, stress management and exercise. Although I am a nutritionist, knowing what to do is not equivalent to practice what I know. The tumor diagnosis motivated me to introduce these necessary changes to my life.

Making changes isn’t always an easy journey. But I know it’s a must. My TOP priority is to stay healthy, thereby encouraging me to make it happen. Cutting down my sugar intake, eating a plant-based diet, managing my stress, exercise, expressing gratitude, positive affirmation, practicing deep breathing are among the habits I’ve introduced to my life since then.

Half a year of consistent healthy practice has transformed me from a dull-looking girl to an energetic and healthy one. Most importantly, I feel great! This focus on my health has continued. Two years later, I visited the doctor once again. 

With a surprising tone, the doctor announced to me: “The tumor had disappeared.” I am so grateful that whatever I do works. My health is my top priority in my daily routine. Because without a healthy body, nothing matters. Taking care of my health and helping others become their best selves is my daily mission now. Without the life-changing diagnosis, all these goals would’ve remained a dream. A situation that could have a detrimental impact on my life became the best thing that happened to me.

This life experience teaches us : Life is happening for us, not to us. We all have the power to choose how we respond to the situation and show up as our best self.