Part Two the story to date ……..

What I don’t understand is that the first MP, Boris Johnson promoted ‘facts’ that were inaccurate at the least concerning ‘Brexit’ and pledges as part of his campaign to become PM promised the leaving of the European Union on October 31st. There was also recently an altercation with his girlfriend made public by his neighbours who were very concerned for her safety. And in less than one hour lots of women spoke up in support of Boris Johnson, which to me seems puzzling… the police claimed firstly that nothing occurred, it makes me wonder if this was not the first and only incident because the neighbours went to great steps to log in every detail and release it to the press. And all while this was going on there was a video of Steve Bannon (Donald Trump’s former advisor) spoke about his help and support to Boris Johnson, yes, still people see Boris Johnson does no wrong. A very slick publicity campaign or just plain ambition? it may well be a Very British Political Mess.

So many voters are backing Boris Johnson for Prime Minister and some are hoping his adversary, Jeremy Hunt will supersede him.

Second candidate in the polls is Jeremy Hunt who is so focused on obliterating the NHS the free National Health Service, while as Health Minister he made it his mission to sell contracts to provide those services for outside profit-making medical companies on behalf of the NHS. He even wrote a book before being a cabinet minister about how to privatise the NHS, take into account most people voting the party for both candidates are competing to lead and become PM are those who serve the Upper Class or Nationalists, many of whom are disabled or elderly relying on the NHS services but so concentrated on ‘Brexit’, are in effect undoing the good they built and services they are receiving; so defiant about ‘migrants’, ‘immigrants’ from Europe yet we British rely upon our European migrant population to provide so many low-paid services the UK provide for people who are disabled and elderly, received for free!!! Does it make sense? mmmmmmm

Neither candidates are clear on how the exit from the European Union will occur in a ‘no deal’ situation – which essentially leaves us out in the cold, a possible low-tax tax-haven; or the ‘deal’ agreed by the EU which former Prime Minister created and failed to pass in UK House of Parliament in the Commons House, failing all three times put to vote by Theresa May to many MP’s of all political parties.

So all this is going on and an explicit handling of a protestor by a male Conservative MP at a banquet, she was part of a group from Greenpeace disrupting a speech being led by long-serving Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond delivering his words (unknown to this day what he was saying), all attention focused on the MP who physically restrained her with undue force; yes many still rise in support of him thinking of the security risks to lives, yet she was unarmed.

So who is voting for the Leader of the Conservative Party, the future Prime Minister? That remains hoodwinked with a body of that political party named ‘The 1922 Committee’, and a publicity machine with no public debate, that is as democratic as it gets until another, yes another General Election occurs later in the year. More chaos ensues…..