Part Three

On the cusp of a newly, internally elected Prime Minister will be selected from just one line of men who are hungry for Number Ten, yet all are in-common with their prospective of how they can milk the British people’s popularity praise and stakes.

Many compare the two last standing men in this battle for PM Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to Donald Trump. Boris, is someone whom no one ever knows changing his mind with the wind, fearless to fiction; Jeremy Hunt being a businessman always keen to remind us he is an ‘entrepreneur’ as if that demonstrates a possible governing qualification. Neither one of them are clear on their direction of how to bring Britain together, united and respectful.

Sadly Britain is still split on ‘Brexit’ the ‘British Exit from the European Union’. And of course many are stoic about the traditions and perceptions of what being ‘British’ means. It is something which America too is struggling with, as in the culture shaming at the recent Donald Trump rally event where people were chanting “Send her back” and yet do people yet again have the full facts? perhaps it is plainly information for emotional recollection of a strange sense of nostalgia for the past.

Noticing an older lady with a slogan on the back of her t-shirt, when she went to vote in the European elections, was written “Nigel Farage The next Winston Churchill” Nigel Farage being the man who campaigns vehemently against the European Union yet collects a wage for working as an elected member of the EU. There are so many ‘leaders’ spitting out presumptuous ‘battle-talk’ and statements promoting a conflict of interest type of view.

Can Britain be the ‘Re-United Kingdom’ once more? because whomever takes over the role of British Prime Minister of the current Coalition Government has to be able to be someone to bring people together rather than rip them apart by using rhetoric and saying whatever the people in the main seats to win in parliament are wanting to hear.

Many people are fond of ‘Brexit’ and Conservative Party supporters are often angry; there have been many ‘battle rallying cries’ by MP’s and all political parties split over issues and opinions.

I have never seen, in my time such hostilities as in the present time, this is mainly through media and social media. It fills me with a kind of ‘witness to a crime’ feeling and I continually, daily, renew my faith in peace and democracy….. we could learn from this, and my faith in humanity and God’s will.

So today Tuesday the 23rd of July 2019 and for the next few months the cloak of ‘information’ will soon reveal what truly is beneath it all….. and the news be tomorrow’s fish and chip paper wrappings.