One day I took a walk with me 

And thought of the person I have grown to be 

I realized at so many points in time, The woman I am

 wasn’t what I had imagined I’d be

From taking a stand on things that as a girl didn’t matter to me 

To seeing some core beliefs, transform silently 

I found love at times from people who I barely know 

& Took a step back from some with whom I assumed id grow 

I have burned some bridges sometimes with complete apathy

they felt more like a mirage than reality

and then there were some burning issues & fragile equations I held onto with all I had 

close enough to even burn my hands

As a girl I thought to every situation there is a right and wrong response but the most important, probably the most beautiful & sometimes not such a beautiful thing I experienced as the woman I’ve grown to be is that somethings will just feel right no matter how wrong on paper they might be and somethings won’t fit irrespective of their universal love and approvals.

Life happens, it spills over & changes form. And as it does that you flow into different moulds and that same soul is a different person in many different forms.

You don’t even realize it till something makes you look back at life and yourself and at this transition. These transitions though, are not seamless and you go through the full ride. You dream, you plan, you hope, you try, you fail, you win, you focus, you digress, you go off track and switch off too only to keep on moving. The direction is not guaranteed but you keep going with some variables that will be with you for a bit and then flee and then you’ll have some constants who never leave.

From the daughter I started out to be to the one today I see

From the mother I thought I’ll be and the one I am currently

The friend, spouse & companion I choose to be

My reactions & responses at times turn out differently

Oh girl, the places you go and things you can be

The girl you were and the woman you will be

is such a mystery

There could be stark contradictions

I agree

In the me that was and the me I will be

But how I love to be more and more of me

And then through this all 

there is always the soothing calm called friends and family

My constants who don’t sway

With every person I become along the way

Oh girl, the places you go and things you can be

The girl you were and the woman you will be


  • Priyanka Jaitly Judge

    Writer and Organization Psychologist

    I am a mother of two, a writer and a consultant in Human Resources. As a Master’s in Psychology, I love engaging with people and facilitating individuals and groups at various levels. I have used Psychometric Tools for organisational requirements and engaged in one to one counselling in order to support individuals with various challenges they face in an organisation. I am passionate about reflecting upon and writing about contemporary matters that impact our living, holistic health (with a high focus on mental health & healing), women and children. Being from a Qualitative Research and HR background, I have had the opportunity to interact with people in direct interviews as well as in groups. this close interaction has only made my love for delving & understanding the human psyche stronger.