I need to go to the grocery store 

Everyday the same lunch

My Dr.  laughed

It’s true

I can get into ruts 

Boob jobs aren’t that bad

I’m  guaranteed to not get stomach aches or feel bloated

I eat to live, not live to eat 

It makes 

styrofoam simpler

I’m less flexible these days

I thought I didn’t need much, but I need nice face cream

I used to have trailer girl grit

I moved on

I loath Costco 

I judge Costco 

I judge a lot

A place echoing  isles of wide eyed armageddon ferver for  stacked beans, a fiber of armor 

Oversized  carts turn as the titanic sinks in toothpicks of sausage samples

I  go so infrequently that my membership expires

I renewed my membership for more than I need

Costco has everything

soon they will be 

an Airbnb

The greens are now in a freezer 

The Costco scientist playground, the perfect temperature for everlasting arugula 

I skip the vegetables as I can’t bear the scabs

It’s really a me problem

I think I’m above Costco shoppers

I judge when I’m there

I couldn’t believe a woman went for grapes and a hand towel 

Why for the love of god?

A priest offers riches in frugality

 A stall of forgiveness in an oversized wood cabinet of coupons

A penance of 10 hail Mary’s, exonerating repetitive judgments

I am no better than them

I am in the same aisle. 

I’m 50 in 70 days 

I’m not counting  

I count people 

Equality is organic bread

Equal is identical to

Equality is free

I’m the ignorant one

I’m certain I am judged for my spending

It’s a card game wagering judgement

Am I holding Costco or am I holding my fears? 

Not sure

The courageous rolled dice of unpredictability

A straight flush of a winners bluff and a losers gamble on life’s unspoken rules

Lies of tokens tossed in currency of pieces

Rules make up the game 

Rules are points at weight watchers 

Rules are my secret confessions

Rules rule all of us

Take a hug

Take a deal

Take notice

Take it back

I went to Costco for towels 

I’m not sure if I got a better deal 

I did feel good for trying 

That sounds 


I embarrass myself in my head

Pennies matter

Change is felt in a gut of bacteria  

A hard pill to swallow in a glass of growth 

Clear water exposes a broken filter of thoughts  

An overflowing glass of consciousness

Take growth where you can

Take the wrong train 

Take the tip

Love isn’t a second hand emotion 

Love is found in isles

Love is under my nails. 

I love a good deal

Look, I’m finding life’s meaning at Costco

You wouldn’t no it if it hit you in the face  

I’m stocking up on life lessons 

Heck, I need a 50 pack of jawbreakers

It’s time to get out of my lunch of concrete

Food is life 

Eat passionately at life 

Spend endlessly on truth

I’m saving pennies

A wholesale life in bulk