1. Ms. Uddo, your superpower is running a business. Tell us how you started Essentiel By Adele?

Since I recently launched the skincare business earlier this year, I can’t quite claim entrepreneurship as my ‘super power.’ Hopefully I can own that title someday! Thankfully the business is growing, yet I’m still in the stage of building a strong foundation. What’s actually been my super power for the past almost 20 years has been parts modeling.

Parts modeling is short for body parts modeling. I mainly known for my hands, but I’ve modeled lips, legs feet, chest…even earlobes. I work in New York City and Los Angeles and my clients include Dior, Christian Louboutin, Revlon, Essie…

What initially inspired me to start the skincare business is early in my parts modeling career I realized I needed something that would keep my skin in shape for macro close-up photography (where it can be literally down to the cuticle). So I began experimenting in my Malibu kitchen creating little lotion potions, using ingredients I grew up with while raised on an organic
commune in Northern California — I was introduced to natural skincare many years before it was popular. I incorporated essential oils, which I’ve been using daily for decades — frankincense, helichrysum, geranium and lavender — all these oils are highly beneficial for skin health and rejuvenating to cells and the scent is addictive! I added hyaluronic acid for its plumbing affect,
coffee berry for its potent anti-oxidant power, MSM for boosting collagen, shea butter for moisture retention, raspberry leaf…coconut and olive oil. I made sure the product was packed with really premium ingredients since I wanted to nourish every part of my face and body
equally. What differentiates a face cream from a body lotion are quality of ingredients — so I set out to a create a luxurious ‘face’ cream I could afford to put on my entire body.

When friends began asking for more of my homemade moisturizer, I then teamed up with a top formulator to take my ‘lotion love child’ to the next level. We worked together to customize the
product to become something I fell in love with and was excited to share. I didn’t go to a manufacturer for a generic formula. I wanted to be part of the process and test it extensively.The product, Essentiel by Adele, is now available at the Beauty Collection in the Malibu Country Mart next to Starbucks…and it means so much to me to see how my Malibu neighbors are loving and supporting the ‘local lotion’ 😉

Beauty Collection Malibu

2. Ms. Uddo, what tip would you give to young people to succeed as entrepreneurs?

Keep working. Stay the course. This year I’ve confronted a lot of inner insecurity and I’ve had to learn how to talk to myself like an encouraging friend, rather than focus on finding the flaws in myself or any situation. A positive perspective, kindness and patience with oneself takes
conscious effort, but is essential to succeed in business…and other aspects of life as well.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. My grandmother used to tell me that you don’t have to be the smartest person to run a business, but you do have to know who to go to for the right answers. Not everyone is skilled at everything -everyone has their unique skill set. Personally, when I talk numbers or anything technical, my brain gets quickly confused and often shuts
down. But I’m always on fire when it comes to creating, marketing, envisioning direction…so much so that sometimes I can’t shut my mind off!

3. Ms. Uddo, tell us about how your ordinary day look like from the moment you wake up to bedtime? Tell us your day to day recipe to be super successful. 

My recipe for success is about balance. Working hard but knowing when to turn it off and focus on other important aspects of my life, like my husband, my health, animals…family.
It’s easy in this day and age to spend an entire day starring at a computer screen or on the phone and that monotonous focus is not healthy. I have to remind myself to get up and move! I sit a lot on set and front of my laptop, so it’s important to move my body — I always feel more
grounded and relaxed. Whether it’s heading out for hike at the end of the day with my dog, or a yoga class, or turning on a favorite tune and letting my body shake out whatever it feels.
Eating good healthy food makes a great difference. Again, I believe in balance and enjoying life, but I definitely approach beauty and health from a holistic point of view.


You may have seen me swirl wine, fondle jewels, twist lipstick…and perhaps, push a few buttons. Hi, I’m a hand model. Technically speaking, I’m a “parts” model, since my body parts are frequently featured in advertising. My mitts however are my primary money makers, and have lent a hand to countless campaigns, from Dior to Dominos. Occasionally my parts double for celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Penelope Cruz, Natalie Portman, and more.

I didn’t plan for a career in parts. As a kid, I never once looked longingly upon a star and whispered, “One day my hands will be all over the WORLD!”

I grew up on a (manic) organic commune in California, and dreamed primarily of returning to ‘normality’ in New Orleans, with my large Italian food-biz family.

I’ve always been told I had nice hands (mainly by my grandma), but it wasn’t until a random casting with OPI nail polish, that I booked my first hand job.

For the past few years, I’ve been bicoastal, living primarily in Malibu California, and working regularly in New York City.

When I first moved to Hollywood, I had dreams of becoming SOMEBODY. (Little did I know I’d become somebody’s body.)

I love what I do, yet try to contribute more to society than nice nail beds. So I write a silly yet heartfelt blog called HAND JOBS: Tales of a Hand Model.



After many years of loving labor, I recently launched a skincare business and  my lotion love-child, Essentiel by Adele is finally here! She was first conceived in  my kitchen. 

                                                      Adele Uddo started in the kitchen

 When friends began asking for more of my homemade moisturizer, I teamed up with a top formulator and set out to spread the lotion love!


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