Many of us spend time exercising. We talk about strengthening our core to better support our back, working on our biceps and triceps, hamstrings and quads. We begin to break down our muscles to start to build them back up. But, how often do we really think about working out our minds?

How often does an uncomfortable feeling like sadness, loneliness, fear, or grief cause us to turn and run – at times even subconsciously? Ever wonder why we do this – even with feelings that are more desirable?

It seems to me we are desperately trying to cover up our feelings.

We busy ourselves with social media, we try to self medicate, and sometimes we just deny that we are even feeling joyful, sad, lonely, scared, _____ (you get to fill in your blank here).

But what if we thought about those uncomfortable feelings as our minds way of pushing us to grow and get stronger?

What if, rather than choking back the tears, you admit to feeling lonely and disconnected from your partner, or friend? What might happen if we just allow ourselves to feel a little? Joy at a work accomplishment, excitement over your weekend plans… those are all feelings too… see, not all feelings have negative vibes!

Who knows; you might even come out the other side feeling a little stronger. The next time you encounter that feeling, that sadness, pain, anxiety, fear….you might even deal with it a little bit better. As you exercise your mind, each time we get a little stronger.

Connection Challenge: Think for a minute about how you normally cope with any feelings. Write down what you do to cope. The goal: it will help you build awareness.

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