Abbey Scott has an amazing story to tell. It all started after she graduated from Holy Cross in 2015. She became a Division 1 athlete and majored in Economics. Once she graduated, she started working full-time on Wall Street for an investment bank that she previously interned for. From that moment on, her path towards success became clear. She knew that she was going to climb her way up the corporate ladder and become a C-Suite executive.

Abbey Scott had always been an entrepreneur at heart. She took an alternate course and eventually met her husband, Mike, who was equally interested in business matters. He convinced Abbey to establish a business with him. She wholeheartedly agreed and began crafting up business ideas alongside her husband. They thought of starting their own brand that would cater to coffee lovers. Thus, Coffee Over Cardio® was born.

Coffee Over Cardio® is an online shop for coffee lovers that offers a tremendous variety of high-quality coffee beans with a unique twist. The company entices its audience with its eccentric appeal and unique flavors that couldn’t be found in any market.

Abbey Scott completely veered away from the clear-cut path that she thought she would follow her entire life. She always thought that she would work at the corner office with a C-level plate on her desk, but life would take an unlikely turn when she would find her purpose in her love for coffee, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Together with her husband Mike, Abbey Scott would operate Coffee Over Cardio®, a shop for coffee lovers to enjoy a wide variety of high-quality coffee beans straight from their own homes. The shop caters towards customers that can purchase online. They are known for their eccentric appeal and wildly unique flavors, such as Saturdaze Chocolate donut, Messy Bun Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, and many more.

Mike and Abbey are entrepreneurs through and through. They also operate a boutique marketing consultancy that serves small businesses by helping them formulate marketing strategies that can attract customers and convert them into becoming repeat customers. To this very day, their businesses continue to grow and flourish, even amidst the pandemic.

In 2020, Coffee Over Cardio® continues to thrive in the business industry. They have expanded their collection to offer exclusive flavors monthly as part of their membership program. These flavors would be exclusively offered to members only. To this very day, the membership program has built massive momentum, and they’ve seen more and more customers signing up with each passing day.

The couple would also use their health and fitness experience and knowledge of health supplements in the coffee world. They managed to create a unique MCT oil-based creamer that contains nootropics that help with mental clarity and cognitive function. Mike and Abbey Scott had also developed the first-ever coffee-pairing electrolyte that helps keep people hydrated without excessive sugar loading.

As the years go by, Abbey Scott has thrived in the business industry, and she now fully enjoys what she does. In the near future, she wants to scale her business along with her husband Mike. She wants to create a better positive impact within her local community. 

Find out more about Abby and Mike by visiting Coffee Over Cardio’s official website.