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Literature is one of the greatest creations and treasures of humankind. There is something magic and soothing about sitting in our favorite space to read after a long day. Books nurture our mind; we learn, we use our imagination to visualize scenes, characters, places. We broaden our intellectual horizons.

Time flies when we fall in this mesmerizing place where reading a good story takes us. And you know the best part?

This reading could be from a fiction story to our past facts, to the actual events that create the future of our culture. We are now making history. We all are co-creators.

Lately, this exciting topic, literature, has fallen subject to the technology and the digital transformation. Now we can read on an electronic device, we can have hundreds of books on our smartphone and tablet. And you know the best part? The core treasure of literature remains intact.

Plus, electronic books help us to take care of our planet. So, is this a negative or a positive for the literary world? What happens next?

A New Vision

I share my vision. Next, I see books and literature turning into an amazing digital experience. I see more and more people having access to literature, I see literacy expanding. I see education and entertainment becoming one, edutainment?

I don’t see the digital world destroying our traditional literature. I see endless opportunities to share it, and I also see knowledge flourishing across the world faster, and easier.

Yes, ink and paper was the beginning of literature and the best way to spread knowledge for millenniums. In only a few years this has changed. However, this doesn’t mean the storytelling is gone. This means we have new media to share it. We have many more ways to tell the story. A whole new realm of possibilities has unleashed.

Everyone likes a good story, and there is nothing better than sitting with a good book in our hands; what changes is that instead of a book made of paper, we are using a smart electronic device. 

Evolution for Better

The literary world isn’t doomed, it is evolving and edging into a whole new age. It’s shifting and aligning to the way the world functions. It’s adopting its digital transformation. This is frightening for many who still like the smell of a book. But the fact is that we all need to become more environmentally conscious as a species. We share this planet with many other different living things; they have the exact same right to live and thrive.

Printed books seem to be one of those things that are very hard to let go; however; the future is reaching us, and it is about time to embrace the digital literature. 

As the world continues to evolve and we adopt the digital transformation, we will see literature flourish in ways we conceived as sci-fi only a few years ago.

While this modernization and the printed books as a historically traditional concept may be perceived as at risk; the art form of literature will continue to live as long as there is a market of people who love to read a good book.

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  • Monica Paul

    Marketing Consultant and Author

    Monica is a Marketing Consultant and 23 years entrepreneur. Author and ghostwriter of multiple business articles for C-Level executives in the IT industry. She founded Magic Masterminds, an e-publisher initiative in 2014 encouraging the eBook as a sustainable product, and using the latest Technology at the Service of Literature to Provide Education and Entertainment. A lover of art, Monica enjoys playing with Photoshop in contrast to the IT strategies she creates for her clients. You can find her on monica-paul.com and magicmasterminds.com