Own your Magic

Humans are social animals, and for living a life, we all know we need basic requirements like food, water, and air, but that’s not enough. Beyond that, for living a fulfilling, happy life, we need love in our heart, hope in our mind and consistent positive vibes in our veins because even though your stomach is full of food but if your heart is filled with the emptiness of love, hopes and good vibes, this feeling can make us feel like nothing.  

Once you start gaining good vibes inside you, you start changing yourself and the environment by radiating the light of hope, love and good vibes.  

Thoughts become things So, Become concise in your thoughts.

Consciousness and Emotional Intelligence go hand-in-hand. The energy you give off not only determines your interactions with other people but also speaks that how you’re feeling about yourself. 

Following are some ways that i applied in my life you too can implement in your lifestyle:

1. Use Positive Words

Saying, I’m grateful for…, I am willing to…, I’d love to learn…, etc., will take you a long way. When we communicate, it directly impacts the energy we give off, so using words like love, solution, happy, secure, etc., will motivate you and others too.

2. Keep your heart open for acceptance 

For absorbing positivity, your mind should be non-judgemental. Judging someone in the first place is wrong because everyone in this world has some uniqueness in them. It’s just that we need to find that way to look at them.

3. Smile More

It’s a small action that can make a big difference. Even if the smile isn’t all that genuine at first, you’ll start feeling better, become friendly and appear more outgoing to others, which will attract the positive energy you want.

4. Practice gratitude

There are dozens of ways to do this. These are the simple ways to follow. We could make a list each day of what you’re most grateful for, and you could express these thoughts to yourself, share them with a friend, etc. Reminding ourselves to express gratitude for the good things we have in our life makes us feel more appreciative. 

5. Give Compliments

Showing you appreciation to someone serves two purposes; it makes them feel good, and you too feel good, and we all deserve those feelings. Start acknowledging when someone does something you admire and compliment them on that, and create an instant boost in your mood.

6. Live in the moment

Love is everywhere. To find this don’t know why people change their places. But it’s simple to try to live the best as you can at that present moment. 

7. Practice Good Posture

Your posture is an excellent nonverbal indication of how you feel about yourself. When you put your hands around your friend’s shoulder and talk. Wouldn’t that be so kind your friend would feel, or sit up straight, unfold your arms, and open up your shoulders to send signals that you’re approachable? 

8. Be More Generous

You are waiting for your friends after the class ends or landing some money when someone is in need. Such small bits of help significantly impact others and generate love, hopes, and good vibes. When you’re generous to those around you, create positive vibes in the atmosphere and the energy you attract. 

8. Practice Compassion and Forgiveness 

Forgiving someone will let you free from aggression and negative feeling for that person. And you will feel relax. And practicing this will set an excellent example for the persons who do wrong things to others and we know that doing bad things is not helpful for anyone. That person will realize his mistake automatically.

Let’s cook some hope for people around us with these Random Acts of Kindness,