Sometimes, we don’t have to think too deeply about a song. No matter how odd, strange, or out of pocket it may be, sometimes we need to let the music, be! Life can be easier than we have let on to be. The same can be said with music. Furthermore, some things are better left, as they are. Whether or not they make sense is one thing. Of course, if we are not thinking about that, then, it’s best to let the music play.

Have you ever come across a song, where its words did not truly move you. Nevertheless, it was comforting to hear. You didn’t have to think too deeply. It simply felt good to listen to. Furthermore, a person could get lost in one’s own thoughts, regarding the meaning of the song. Letting your mind wander into a paradise of daydreams. Let’s say that you are at work, at home, or going for your morning walk. At the end of it all, a person is able to paint one’s own thoughts about the song. On a rainy day, as today, such is one personal, musical journey for the song, “Le Mansoir De Rosamonde!”

In English, it is translated as “the manor of Rosamonde.” What lives in such a manor, only a few will ever know. The lyrics can give you the sense of moving into a different pattern. Sometimes, that’s just how it comes to be. Lyrics have a way of moving a person into another world, which may not make any sense to begin with. Yet, it happens to serve as a timeless guide!

However, on a quiet, Georgia morning, when the rain has stopped, it’s best to simply permit the mind to wander. Let it move into a precious timeline; dreaming and feeling whatever we desire music, to be!

Jeannette Pilou