Most importantly, be careful what you think about yourself. You must love and accept yourself just as you are. When you feel good about yourself, everyone else will. When you accept and love yourself, everyone else will love you and accept you too.

It is imperative that we do what works for us, what feels good in our hearts.

Can you remember a moment in which you allowed yourself to be you and completely trusted the Universe? These are the moments when you followed your heart and made decisions based purely on a feeling, your natural wisdom. They were always the correct decisions, though you couldn’t always explain why.

In these moments, you probably didn’t care what others thought of you. You felt confident in yourself, trusting yourself. You felt so good and strong in your heart that it didn’t matter what others said or thought of you. In these moments, you discovered that you were invincible and that everything is possible.

When you are yourself, you know that there are no limits and you are aligned with a very strong universal law. This is the law of the minimum effort, which is based on the fact that nature’s intelligence operates in a natural and easy way. You don’t try to be, you simply are. When you are natural, spontaneous, open, and flexible, you are in alignment with this law. You don’t waste your energy. Instead, you use that energy to easily attract, at any moment, whatever is correct and perfect for you. You do less and obtain more. The Universe begins to fill you up with personal and financial blessings.

“To be or not to be” is the only real question

Osho, the great Zen master, said: “You must lose everything in order to be you.”

Osho wasn’t referring to losing wealth. He was saying that you must let go of everything that is not you. This letting go is the key to happiness, wealth and life success. To be who you really are is to let go of what has been programmed in your subconscious mind, all the memories, beliefs and prejudices. In fact, almost everything that you have decided to believe is not you and does not define who you really are. You are not your problems, your opinions, nor your value judgements. You are beyond all of that.

To be or not to be is the only real question. Your job is to come back to be you. And in order to return to being you, you must do nothing other than remember how to be. You must let go of all the knowledge you have acquired. You must unlearn what you have learned in order to be able to connect with your own wisdom (the one that is in your heart), so that you may regain your natural rhythm.

Maybe now you’re asking yourself: What does it mean “to be” myself and nothing else?

To be you is to be happy; it’s to be in peace with yourself and everything else around you. To be you is to be at Zero. You are at Zero when your intellect (your conscious mind) and your emotions (your unconscious mind) no longer control you. Only then can you become an open channel to receive the right ideas and perfect solutions. You begin to hear things you have never heard before; you become an observer, seeing things you have never perceived before. You feel that you are flowing, even lucky. Things simply happen, without much intervention or effort.

At Zero, you are yourself; thus you feel satisfied, complete and happy in your heart. At Zero, you know that you can conquer the world; understand that nobody can stop you. You feel sure that everything is possible. What others think becomes unimportant.

The key to happiness, peace and personal and financial freedom in life is within us. It’s our identity. Our true identity is the key to attract wealth and success, and that is why it is so important that we let go our false beliefs.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s easier than you think. It’s your natural state of being. This is the way in which you begin to return, slowly, to yourself; through the practice of letting go and not listening to your ego. You start returning to being yourself when you stop doing everything you “should” be doing (which is what others believe is the correct thing to do), and begin to pay attention to what makes you feel good and happy, even if you cannot explain it or it doesn’t make sense. You have not lost who you are; in fact, you could never lose who you are. You have only forgotten who you are.

Now is the moment to remember and come back home.

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