“Accepting Events as they Occur” is another way of thinking about concerning oneself with only those things/events that are in ones control. When you accept an event, you are acknowledging it’s nature (controllable/uncontrollable). With that acknowledgment comes discernment on a course of action. All of this is a means of being emotionally intelligent. Our emotions are closely tied to our perception. The way we perceive something typically frames the emotions that are a part of the response. The problem is that most of have an emotional response first based on our experiences and mental orientation. That means we skip the “acceptance of the nature” of the event and jump to the response. I can’t help but think about the power in being able to walk the mind through these steps…when I say walk, I mean the split second process that will occur once it becomes ingrained as a habit. We have a lot of unproductive habits to unlearn if we hope to develop our character and prepare ourselves for the success that is a byproduct of that development.


  • Khalif Ali

    Activist, Writer, Social Worker, Organizer...maybe an aspiring artist (stay tuned)