There is always someone else or something else that dictates the outcome.

We can try our hardest to make the result swing in our favorite. We can pull late nights at the office in hopes our boss sees us and recommends us for that next promotion. We try to impress someone we are romantically interested in with small gestures in hopes they see us as impressive and of value. We train for sports harder than everyone. We diet harder.

We try at all costs to get what we want.

But it doesn’t always work how we want it to work. The outcome is dictated by uncontrollable forces. Our boss may see us work hard but still think we aren’t ready. We put our best foot forward with our person of interest only to find that maybe their feelings have changed. We train harder for sports in hopes of making the pros to find that the scouts thinks we are too small, too slow, and not athletic enough.

What we control is the acceptance of the outcome.

Accept that you do not make the final decisions and you will be better off dealing with adversity and challenge. Live with what is and move on to the next challenge.

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  • Mike Liguori

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