Looking back, decades ago (yes, I’m that mature), I recall applying for my first job at the very young age of thirteen. I was hired on the spot. I was so excited. After four weeks on the job, my supervisor finally had a chance to review my application and she realized I was not old enough to work but she did not make me resign. If asked, she told me to lie about my age, so I did. For that entire summer I was thirteen years old pretending to be fifteen. It was fabulous! Youth employment is an outstanding idea with future implication. But I would prefer parents allow their young adults to consider entrepreneurship. Instead of looking for employment, young people should be encouraged to create business opportunities.

Allow your students to mow lawns, babysit, teach dance classes in the backyard, instruct art classes in the basement or even violin class in the family room. Invest in your child’s dreams and watch the return on your investment.

Teaching your student to pursue ownership will foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and ignite a fire within that cannot be extinguished. If your student is serious about employment, creating the opportunity is the best course of action.

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Dr. Shanelle R. Benson Reid, President and CEO of ACCESS Global, LLC. is a Consultant, Coach, Author and Professional Speaker. Her expertise is in Education, Cultural Competency, Social Awareness, Entrepreneurship and Community / Individual Empowerment.

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