Establishing Coherence

When we commit to cultivating alignment within our internal environment, we experience harmonious synergy and balance within. How this translates, is that our mind, body, and soul work in collaboration to access our deepest expression of who we can be.

The extent to which our physical and psychological systems are sustaining a consistent dialogue determines our overall state of internal coherence.  The mind sends messages to the body, and vice versa. This integrated communication network forms a complex ecosystem throughout our energetic layers.

When this internal ecosystem is out of sync, there are blocks, and stagnant energy, and when it’s in melody there is ease and flow. There is a relaxing into life; less distractions, more momentum, and deep vitality becomes available. There is freedom and stillness in this space; making the ability to lean into the generous present moment more attainable. Here, we can anchor to our deepest truths, with more conviction and clarity.

The present moment is always pregnant with opportunity. We can become hyper-focused in making this our home, when we have grounded ourselves through practicing coherence.

3 ways to develop coherence

Brain-Heart Coherence

Finding a quiet space, resting your hands over your heart, and sinking into a rhythmic breathing pattern, with the focus on sending the breath to the heart, and noticing our heart’s deepest messages.

Body-Scanning Coherence

Sinking into meditation, and simple observing the body, starting with the feet, and working up the head, tuning in and noticing what’s arising.

Left & Right Brain Coherence

Sitting with spine straight, practice alternate nostril breathing by inhaling and exhaling alternate nostrils. Consciously tuning in to the left and right brain hemisphere, to recalibrate and balance.