Most people want to grow on a personal or professional level. In an effort to do so, they set goals and utilize the necessary resources and tools to accomplish them. As getting to the road to achieving your goal is filled with ups, downs, delays, and obstacles, it can be easy to feel like giving up. A great way to stay motivated on your way to mastery, however, can be as simple as celebrating the little milestones along the way. 

Why Celebrate Small Victories? 

If you didn’t reach the mark, what’s the point in celebrating it? How can celebrating a “failure” be of any significance? Here are a few reasons to inspire you below: 

  • Makes You Feel Good – when you accomplish something big or small, it puts you in a good mood. 
  • It’s a Start – There is a big difference between wanting to make a change and actually making one. Even if you don’t quite reach your goal, you did what some never do – you started the process. 
  • Self-Esteem Boost –  How you feel about yourself and your abilities is extremely important in life. The win may only seem small in the grand scheme of things, but the accomplishment helps to improve how you feel about who you are and what you can do. 
  • Great Motivation – Last, but not least, celebrating small wins is a great source of motivation. It opens up your mind to the idea that you can reach your goals and pushes you to want to achieve it at all costs. 

Ways to Celebrate

Now that you see how beneficial it can be to celebrate small wins, let’s take a look at some ways to do this. It doesn’t have to be much, but you’ll be surprised how far a little “job well done” gesture can take you. 

  • Write it Down – A simple way to celebrate a small victory is to write it down. Writing it down provides you with a visual that can inspire you to keep pressing forward. You can write it on a calendar, log it in your journal, or record it in your smartphone. Review it every now and again when you feel yourself getting low on motivation. 
  • Small Pick-me-Ups – You don’t have to go overboard when celebrating a small win to feel good. Something as simple as a little pick-me-up does the job. You could purchase your favorite Madcap coffee roasts and indulge in a rich cup of joe in the morning or buy a new decor item for your home or personal office. 
  • Share the News – There’s nothing wrong with sharing your accomplishments with others as long as you’re not bragging or being boastful. The celebration you receive from others boosts your self-confidence and motivates you. You can call a close relative or friend or share the news on social media. 
  • Do Something You Enjoy – Why not add to the feel-good factor of accomplishing something by doing something that you enjoy? You can go out for lunch, treat yourself to a movie, go on a mini shopping trip, get a massage, take an art class, or anything else you love, but perhaps don’t get to do all the time. 
  • Take a Break – When you’ve been working hard at something and you actually achieve it, a nice break is in order. A little time off whether it’s a few hours or a few days can give you a chance to relax, recharge, and prepare for your next victory. 
  • Throw a Party – Some small wins are actually major accomplishments. For instance, if you’ve been smoking for a decade but want to quit and have stopped smoking for month that is a major accomplishment. By this time, your lungs have started to heal and their function restored. You’ve also greatly reduced your chances of developing heart disease. If you have the budget and feel great about the past 30 days, celebrate with a party. Invite a few friends and close relatives, serve some basic finger foods and signature cocktails, throw in some music for entertainment, and have a ball. 

With each (large or small) goal you accomplish in life you grow just a bit more each time. It means you’re taking great strides in achieving your dreams. Some people, however, are so busy looking at the finish line, that they forget to enjoy the journey along the way. Do yourself a favor and accomplish more by learning how to celebrate the wins, no matter how small they may seem.