We set many goals in our life but we find some of them hard to achieve. This is because sometimes we lack the right perspective and sometimes we are just too lazy to pursue in that direction. To achieve we must focus on our daily progress towards our goals. Dreaming about the end state is good, but what matters is starting the journey and taking small steps constantly towards the direction of our goals.

On the way to achieve our goals, we are sure to meet three foes – the 3 P’s. If we handle them well, we can turn them into friends. But if we do not pay attention, they may grow to become monsters that will make sure we do not achieve our goals. Following explains a bit about each ‘P’:

1. Procrastination

If you keep on delaying it, when will you achieve it? There is a thin line between planning and procrastinating; do not allow procrastination ruin your achievement milestones. If you are delayed by a day, you have to move your achievement date and if this keeps on happening, your entire plan will get delayed.

To identify if you are actually procrastinating, you have to keep an eye on yourself. Ask yourself: Do you keep on looking for excuses for not being able to complete a task? Do you give justifications to yourself on why this might not happen, even before you start? Do not look for reasons why something may not work for you. Rather than wasting your energies on finding an excuse to satisfy yourself on why it may not happen, spend that energy on the goal itself. Do not mistake laziness for planning.

2. Perfection

This is one of those sweet foes that look like friends but is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes the only hurdle in the way of achieving the goal is that you want to do it perfectly. In the quest to do it perfect, you don’t do it at all. Perfection is just an illusion; what is perfect for me is not perfect for you, so how was it perfect in the first place. Keep in mind, perfection is our mind’s trick to stop us complete a task or achieve a goal. If you are a perfectionist, you will be exhausted fixing every little thing that may not be even required. Focus on ‘achieving’ and not on ‘achieving it perfectly’ and stay focused until you achieve.

3. Perspective

In the way of achieving your goal, flawed perspective is another foe impeding your ability to stay non-judgmental. Having an opinion is good, but letting that opinion become strong enough to flaw your approach can be harmful. Have you ever noticed when you are planning to buy a certain car, you suddenly start noticing that car everywhere? This is the power of perspective and focus. We build strong affiliations with certain things, events and opinions that we decide our course according to that view. This may actually lead us to make wrong decisions based on opinions and perspectives that are not true in the first place. Always be vigilant and do not allow your mind trick you into flawed perceptions that secretly affect achievement of your goals.

Best of luck for all your goals in life!