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Mental illness is a broad term that includes symptoms that affect perception, thinking, and behavior. For an ordinary individual understanding, mental illness is complex. It is because of the complexity of the problem and its related consequences. Mental illness often leads to difficulty in coping with relationships, work, and other issues. The connection between mental illness and stress is not easy to decipher. If you already endure mental illness, stress and anxiety will only worsen the situation. Most people these days try to manage mental issues with the help of counseling, medication, or both.

A proper understanding of mental health becomes crucial in the wake of the pandemic. The worldwide pandemic has resulted in isolation and loneliness among individuals. International authorities continue to stress the significance of quarantine and isolation. Since everybody gets confined to their residence, and there is a restriction on physical movement, it is difficult to cope with mental stressors.

Statistics reveal that the new wave of Coronavirus has only led to increased anxiety and depression levels among individuals. All the people are trying to cope with the new normal; the stressful news leads to perplexed feelings. People are becoming conscious of the recent happenings and finding it hard to keep up their morale. Various state and international agencies stress social distance in and proper maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. All these things indicate physical and mental wellbeing.

Eric Dalius Miami guides heat experts to provide a proper understanding of mental illnesses during a pandemic

From a commoner understanding, mental illnesses and mental health issues are not that easy. Therefore, you require few guidelines and expert advice so that you do not confuse these issues. Hence, the following points will give you a brief understanding of mental disorders:

•    Anxiety disorder: Anxiety disorder is an umbrella term. It includes various types of mental health problems like specific phobias, social phobias, disorders, and anxiety. Apart from this, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder also falls within this category. If these problems are left untreated, the problem will only increase in Miami. During this pandemic situation, anxiety disorder cases are increasing every day. Therefore, medical health professionals are stressing the significance of dealing with the problem with a positive approach. If you feel that your loved ones are developing this kind of problem, get in touch with a counselor.

•    Emotional and behavioral disorder: It is a kind of disorder that develops in children. The common diseases include oppositional defiant disorder or ODD. Apart from this, ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and conduct disorder or CD also develop among young individuals. However, various medications and therapy options are available for the treatment of these individuals in Miami. It is a problem that affects the younger generation who are becoming impulsive in these stressful situations.

•    Bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder is a mood syndrome. Earlier, it got referred to as Manic Depression. If you feel that you or your parents are enduring bipolar disorder, you may experience episodes of depression and mania. It is very natural to feel psychotic symptoms on and off. However, the exact cause remains unknown. It is a kind of genetic predisposition established by recent studies. Apart from this, trigger episodes and environmental stressors also lead to this kind of mental illness in Miami.

•    Depression: It is the most used term on social media platforms these days. It is a mood disorder characterized by loss of interest, lowered mood, reduced energy, and enjoyment. However, do not equate it with the feeling of sadness. A profound period of grief leads to depression. There are different kinds of symptoms that indicate depression and anxiety. Moreover, there are different levels of symptoms and severity related to this problem. If you keep these symptoms unattended, it will only increase the risk of behavioral issues and suicidal tendencies. Depression cases are surging every day like Corona cases. It affects young individuals and, in some cases elderly as well in Miami.

•    Dissociative disorder: When you realize that you disconnect with your feelings, thoughts, and memories. It is an indication of Dissociative disorder. Moreover, it takes various forms like depersonalization disorder and dissociative amnesia. Treating these disorders requires medical help and counseling sessions. However, treatment is available for overcoming these problems to cope with the new normal easily.

•    Eating disorder: Eating disorder encompasses bulimia nervosa, anorexia, and binge eating disorder. It affects both males and females. However, most females develop this kind of disorder. It has severe physical and psychological consequences. In these trying times, when people experience restrictions on their physical movement, binge eating is prevalent. According to Eric Dalius, Miami population developed stresses and issues in these trying times. However, you have to build a positive approach towards life by focusing on happy moments. In addition, you have to pay attention to your diet and physical exercise so that you can stay physically fit.

•    Paranoia: It is a persistent and irrational feeling which people experience. If you feel that there’s someone who is out to get you, it can indicate paranoia. It may also include delusional disorder, personality disorder, and schizophrenia. However, treatment options are available in Miami in the form of counseling sessions and medication. Apart from this, psychological support is also available so that you can get back to normal life in Miami.

Apart from this, OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder is another anxiety disorder prevalent these days in Miami. Lastly, post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is another concerning problem. It leads to the development of responses in an individual who experiences traumatic events. Psychosis and schizophrenia are other complex issues that are gaining ground these days.

In all these problems, you have to develop a positive attitude towards life and believe that everything will get back to normal. Although it is difficult, it is not impossible. Experts suggest when you engage in a positive relationship and focus on positive aspects of life, you naturally overcome these feelings.