Traveling for business can suck your wellness right out of you.  There are those of us that like to take extra days to travel, and those that like to fly in-and-out on red-eye’s in order to maximize their time at home and minimize their time away.  Regardless of your travel style, it’s important to select a hotel that allows you to maintain your wellness.

While planning a business trip to Atlanta, I stumbled upon The Ellis Hotel, a boutique hotel situated downtown that actually has a “wellness consultant” on staff, and has floors designated as “wellness floors”…what?!?! I wasn’t sure what a “wellness floor” was exactly, but I decided that it was worth checking out.

Like many of us, Sherri Danzig, the wellness consultant for The Ellis Hotel, left a stressful corporate job for something a little less intense. She was instrumental in designing the rooms using “natural technologies” to help travelers have better sleep, breathe fresher air, drink cleaner water, and to help increase or maintain their wellness.

As someone that suffers from allergies, I appreciated having bedding with Anti-Allergen fibers.  The “Dream Comforter” not only had these, but also Far Infared, Magnetic Technology which helps to increase blood flow, rebuild injured tissue, increases your circulation, and relieves your tension.  Coupled with the “Magnetic Mattress Topper” which was also hypo-allergenic, meant that I was in for a really good nights sleep.

The “Wellness Room” also had a medical grade air purifier which I think every hotel room in the world should have (especially Las Vegas), and a purified water system.  Ensuring that I was breathing clean air and drinking clean water during my trip.  No need to purchase endless bottles of bottled water, when I had access to unlimited clean, pure, water in my room.

Bundle these technologies and add-in a Microjet Shower System that removes the chlorine from the water, a lamp that decreases fatigue and imitates natural sunlight, as well as a good-posture promoting seat, and there wasn’t anything else my body desired or wanted on this trip. 

The hotel even boasts a “female only” floor, taking into consideration female travelers that want to feel a little more secure during their travels.

I definitely slept better, felt better, and eliminated a lot of the fatigue that normally comes with jet lag while traveling.  More and more, hotels are either opening or remodeling and bringing wellness attributes to their property’s, which makes maintaining your good habits on the road easy.


  • Kelly Richardson

    Founder, Venone Public Relations, RYT-200, PG

    Venone Public Relations

    A successful entrepreneur with roots in the Construction, Timber & Agriculture industries as well as an international guru and speaker in the beauty industry, Kelly is now focused on helping other businesses shine in the spotlight while she is at the helm of Venone Public Relations. She is a regular contributor for several print and digital publications including Thrive Global and Dermascope Magazine.