As a free time practice, I choose Music. As a passion I choose to do Sports. The Olympic Spirit kicked off again on 23th July 2021, the XXXII edition of the Olympic Games, started back in Greece in 1896.

The notion of Olympism comes from Baron de Coubertin, French Educator and Historian, founder of the International Olympic Committee, and its second president. He advocated for Olympism, as the elevation of mind & soul, overcoming differences between nationalities and cultures while embracing friendship, a sense of solidarity and fair play. This would contribute to world peace and betterment, as also the Greek philosopher Plato, in the Republic, thought is was essential for human beings to become “well-rounded philosopher or leader of society”.

In Plato’s view, balancing regular exercise allowed people to develop “self-discipline” and be guided by reason, over the appetites of desire. Music and Physical exercise were essential to maintain a harmony between soul and mind of a person, that considered the best and the highest for the human mind. Even more interesting, Plato thought that a person mastery self-discipline could become true leader to mankind and could bring peace and a lasting harmony to human society.

” Physical exercise is not merely necessary to the health and development of the body, but to balance and correct intellectual pursuits as well. The mere athlete is brutal, the mere intellectual unstable and spiritless. The right education must tune the strings of the body and the mind to perfect spiritual harmony” Plato

It is about the pace and the rhythm of each person, tuned to its musical spirit, to find a note that perfectly balances body and mind. There is no magic formula, but it is about listening to oneself and to understand the needs of the body and the wishes of the mind.

How then to find balance in a whirlwind of happenings and emotions?

Aristotle speaks to us about the Golden Mean, the perfect equilibrium in life. It sounds easy when we hear it: Virtue is the golden mean between two vices, the one of excess and the other of deficiency. How to attain it? By exercising, praying, practicing everything in moderation. As I say, Piano Piano (step by step, or little by little, translated from Italian, is my daily mantra, and I try to smile as much as I can to Life, which grants me every day as a gift and an opportunity to do good to people and spread some good laughs and sense of humor – life is too short to complain and cry over the past, we live NOW in the present and we should just BE. Happy better. Together, even better.

Close up of the painting The School of Athens, a fresco by Italian artist Raffaello (1509-1511) Plato is on the left, young Artistotle in on the right

All in all, this post is a celebration of the Human Spirit, Resilient and Brave among all that we are going through, all the stories we hear and all the people that live on this Planet. We share the same Earth, we feel the same emotions, we wish happiness (= good people around us), shelter and a good health (no coughing, no fever, just two good legs to go around and see the world).

Sports Unite us all. This is what the True Olympics values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect are all about. I see many similarities with the United Nations, where the promotion of friendly relations among countries, as well as the advancement of peace and dialogue to collaborate for the prosperity of all countries are of paramount essence in the spirit of all nations, and for the well-being of all families and communities.