In many circumstances, individuals go through life existing and not truly living their life’s full potential and purpose.  There are many reasons for this happening, from working a job that pays well, though it’s not enjoyed to just giving up after many attempts on the pursuit of a passion one has always sought after.  That one thing that you feel burning inside that keeps pulling you toward it more than likely is the seed that has been planted within. What defines you? Who are you? Just as important, what is your Why? How are you protecting yourself from the negative energy that is positioning itself before you?  These questions along with a ton of others are key in you designing your path to the overall objective you see accomplishing the greatness of your life. 

1. Who Are You?

This question is so key, not only to others but to yourself more importantly.  You can begin exploring the answers to this question by answering a variety of supportive questions. For instance, discovering what you enjoy doing for fun is a way to begin seeing if you have a passion buried deep within that could present your “greatest you.”  Once you find that greatness of you within, you can begin discovering who you are. Reflect on the things that you are grateful for in your personal life and for others as well. Digging deep and recognizing the things that you appreciate because they make a difference in your life can be key to helping you reveal that one great thing that you have been designed with.  The gift within that has yet to become a gift to the world because you haven’t discovered it yet. Searching for that priceless appreciative dynamic of you can be a task because you don’t know what you are truly looking for. However, once you find it you will recognize how much life you have discovered that was inside of you. So continue to dig and seek out what that special thing is within that makes you who you are.  

2. How Do You Define Your Impact In Life?

What do you continue to do on a day to day basis to help make an impact in life?  How do you find the energy and the creativity to continue to build yourself as well as share the gifts of your making with those around you? One way to define the impact that you have in life is by asking yourself what differences you’ve made in other people’s lives that you interact with on a daily basis.  Understand that you every time you make someone smile, there is something special in you that was able to bring that out of a person. If you spark creativity within someone, there is a trigger that you have the ability to pull that moves someone to react that way. Figure out your ability to impact others’ lives through your own. There are so many people that are looking to learn a new craft or skill set to help them break up their standard routine in life. In other words, many people are looking for additional ways to add variety to their lives.   The fact that you have a skill that others may be interested in learning may bring comfort to someone else. You never know whether the gift that you have can be a gift to someone else.

3. How Do You Overcome Adversity?

This question is key to helping yourself understand where both your strengths and weaknesses lie. Adversity brings out the truth in us one way or another, good or bad. Sometimes adversity will draw a reaction of fear and flight out of us because we believe that’s the only way to deal with the situation at hand.  Fear is the one thing that will deliver our truth to a situation. Now, what we’ve done to train ourselves in handling adversity is what will show up when that fear is provoked and brought to the forefront. There are a variety of things that can be done to help us understand the movements that need to be made to react both effectively and with clarity. Meditation has become more common and readily available to be taught.  So many people want to meditate because they’ve heard of the great effects of it. They have seen it executed in not only office spaces but schools as well and the return on the investment has been well documented by students’ grades reflecting positive results. Some educational institutions have gone so far to replace detention halls with meditation halls because it has shown to be a more impactful option for both the students and teachers.  Meditation is only one way to deal with adversity, however.  

There are additional techniques, methods, and tools for dealing with adversity and troubled environments beyond meditation.  Things such as yoga, reiki, aromatherapy, just to name a few. It would be great if you would share some of your methods and techniques for overcoming adversity and troubled environments. Once you figure this out you may be more clear on where your strength lies and what that gift truly is that you have within. 

4. Heart or Head?

What drives you more, your heart or your head?  You may be asking how this helps you find your magnificent obsession but you’ll realize soon enough. There are certain things that the heart controls and other things that the head control. Do you pay attention to them enough to figure out which one controls what? How much your reactions are controlled by one or the other.  

The heart can lead you to be more empathetic and emotional in your decision making. It can cause you to give a bit more toward a situation than you usually would. If you find yourself being more emotionally connected with your decisions you may for certain be operating from the heart. Now, it’s nothing wrong with this if you are aware of the repercussions of being a heart-driven individual.  You have to be more cautious about decisions that will affect you and even business directly. The fact that you put your heart into things can serve others’ benefit and even yours if you see the strength in it. Being a heartfelt person can have great strength. 

To lead from the head can be a very one sided position. Not making a connection with circumstances and individuals emotionally can hinder you greatly in business and personal situations.  It can cause you to lose sight of the overall vision and objective if it doesn’t directly impact you for your benefit. That can be taken multiple ways depending on who’s dealing with that stern approach.  However, decisions being made directly with your head and little to no emotion can usually guarantee that the objective will be met. So ask yourself if you have a magnificent obsession with either one of the approaches. 

5. Dog vs. Lion?

In the previous paragraphs, we spoke about head or heart, which spoke to the ability to meet the objective without being heart-driven, so that you can reassure you will meet the objective that would allow you to become active with your magnificent obsession.  So we will dive a bit further into this mindset by discussing which mindset you carry into your mindfulness while working with your magnificent obsession, the dog or the lion. Many of you reading this paragraph may be wondering what in the world is truly being referenced here.  Let me explain below.

What exactly is the dog mindset and how does it differ from the lion?  Imagine if you will, that you are holding a steak in front of you with a dog on the opposite side of it.  If you were to motion to throw the steak in one direction, the dog will go running toward that direction and will come back after realizing that the steak was never released and that you are still holding it.  Showing that the dog is able to be easily thrown from its set position. However, if you were to take that same steak and hold it in front of you with a lion on the other side of it (which I don’t recommend you doing) and mimic that say motion, more than likely the lion will not leave it’s resting position.  Though the lion will more than likely not attempt to attack you either. Follow me as I explain below.

Lions have the ability to control their reaction and emotions with things when they can see there is a greater benefit to its patience and observation before reaction.  The lion looks at the individual that’s holding the steak as well as the steak. A dog can only see the steak and seek the instant gratification from eating the steak. The lion sees the steak and the person and understands that though the individual is more of a meal, the instant gratification of eating the steak would be less work.  Hence, the ability to be patient before reacting is because of its wear with all to observe and assess the situation as a whole. So ask yourself, will you seek your success with the mindset and quick reaction like that of a dog or will you be patient and observative like that of a lion?

Please share your opinions, insights, and tips below regarding your Magnificient Obsession and how you tap into it.