We live in a field of connection that binds us together. We can’t see it, and yet it influences every aspect of our reality.

The more powerful a force is, the less it is apparent to the naked eye. In fact, the strongest force known to physicists today is the strong nuclear force, which is effective on distance scales that are a million times smaller than an atom.

Similarly, Kabbalah explains the natural forces that are even less apparent to us, and even more powerful. Such is the network of human connection: We are constantly activating it, yet we don’t realize it exists.

Today, the dominant influence in the network is that of division. We continuously radiate it from our innate human egoism. We spread a negative influence throughout the network, which manifests in hostility on the surface. As a result, many of us feel increasingly anxious, threatened, and lonely, while other are preoccupied with hating for no reason, fighting for their survival, or cursing on social media.

But we can tilt the balance by producing a positive force within the network. To do so, we have to consciously radiate unifying thoughts above our instinctive egoistic thoughts.

This is not about ethics and manners, or “be nice to others” mantras that we used to hear as children. It’s not about philosophy, psychology or religion. The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to us the layers of nature that are hidden to us.

By making a conscious effort to radiate care, kindness and friendship to all human beings, we use the natural network that connects us to our favor. This is the network that Kabbalists have discovered. The network they have detailed across more than 2,000 pages in the “Study of the Ten Sefirot.”

However, to activate it, one doesn’t have to delve into the depths of Kabbalah. Just like you don’t have to study medicine in order to take a pill that works.

The only challenge to overcome is that we think our personal efforts are so small and insignificant because we can’t see that we are all connected. If many of us make a small conscious effort together, we generate a powerful force.

You’re invited to radiate a positive influence within the network. Like, share, write something. Let’s spread unity.