Activating your Visionboard.
It’s not just about seeing it…all the stuff you want to have, accomplish and experience. That is only one of the 5 senses. Truly embodying your big picture vision, leaning into that level of consciousness NOW so that your body believes it’s real means you have to call it ALL in…all 5 senses. That is how your body makes “sense” of anything: whether you create it in your mind’s eye OR experience it in your external reality.
Embodying your vision board…
1-start with breath work. Inhale to nurture your vision. Shower it with energy and life. Exhale to surrender knowing that you have already called your vision into reality. That it’s done. This ignites your cells.
2-Touch it. In your vision is there a texture? Maybe it’s the feeling of leather in your new dream car OR the sand beneath your toes on your dream vacation with the family OR maybe it’s the hugs you get from loved ones that you are impacting. Find a tactile piece of your vision and touch it. Then journal on how that makes you feel. Take those words and embody them regularly NOW.
3-Taste it…same rules apply. What does your vision taste like? Wine with your soulmate in Paris? Breakfast with your family in your dream kitchen. Gourmet coffee served at the retreat you are hosting to share your message. Get that coffee, wine, or make that breakfast. Journal on how it makes you feel. Adopt those feelings into your BEING!! Live in those feelings as often as possible.
4-Smell it…get a candle or a spray, or smell that coffee. Envelop your nose in that scent. Write down your emotions. Repeat. I light a candle everyday while I am working in my office and staring at my vision board. It triggers me on a cellular level to live into my big picture vision as if it’s already done.
5-Hear it…music is super powerful here. What does your big picture vision sound like? If you were to give it a soundtrack? What song would encompass it all? Play with this and then find your vision board playlist.
Next you will find that you CAN embody it all! Here is an actual expert from my own journal entry containing the very mantras I use to call in my vision…
I choose it to be really easy. I can see that my big picture vision is already done. I hold it in my mind’s eye which means that it already exists and my only job is to accelerate the process of literally pulling into my actual tangible reality right now. How do I accelerate the process of calling it in? Well that is the most fun work ever because its all about self-care to shower the love down so that I operate at my highest vibe. From that highest vibe state I am at the frequency that will attract my big picture vision with flow and ease. So it is up to me to tap into that deep contentment over and over and over again…until I just absolutely embody it.
I know you can absolutely play with this too, yes???
So what does deep contentment look like for you?
For me it =
*sharing belly laughs with my family
*imagining and creating wit my daughter
*Amazing coffee in the morning with deep mindset work.
*Running & working out in bliss because I love my body and have aligned my cells to be completely responsive to it
*Eating the most delicious and nutrient dense food in ease and all the wonderful energy that fuels my soul.
*being crystal clear on my soul’s mission and how I show up to serve an impact others.
*staring at my vision board and the passport I just renewed!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!
 From there pulling it in is as natural and easy as breathing.