When we talk about an active lifestyle, we are referring to a way of life that combines physical activities into our daily routines. These may include everyday activities such as biking, driving, walking, and others. An active lifestyle can also be promoted through recreational activities to achieve a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to workplaces, a job doesn’t need to be boring. Doing tasks in an office can be fun, healthy, and exciting – through active work.

The Impact of a Healthy and Active Workplace

A healthy and productive workplace is developed from the efforts of its people and the way they handle their jobs. Creating an ideal workplace will help unleash the potentials of the employees, as well as their creativity.

However, there are times at work when deadlines and pressure are overwhelming. When not handled properly, the work performance of employees will be significantly affected. Looking back in the previous years, we may notice that work trends then are more engaged in being sedentary. We must learn how to promote an active lifestyle through active work. This is because most of us spend a lot of our time each day working on our tasks, whether in a company or at a home office.

Tips To Do Active Work and Promote Active Lifestyles

You might be asking: “how can it be possible to have an active lifestyle still if you’re too busy in the workplace?” The following tips will help answer that question:

#1 Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle has been tagged as one of the causes of several health conditions related to work and posture. Of course, nobody wants to experience back pain, fatigue, neck pain, and eye strain. All these can be due to a workplace that is not set up properly. The first thing to remember if you want to achieve an active lifestyle is to choose active work. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, keeping yourself more engaged with physical activities and recreations. 

Your office should not only be a four-walled room where you work on your tasks and assignments. It can also be a place where you can also promote better health and overall wellness. 

First, you should understand that you should not stick yourself in a sedentary lifestyle. Always apply proper posture. Keep moving. Take breaks. Stop sitting for prolonged hours. It will be better if you can shift or alternate between sitting and standing.

#2 Choose to be happy

Happiness is linked to an improved mood and focus. A happy employee can accomplish better work results. There are different ways to be happy in the workplace. First, you should love what you’re doing. If you enjoy your tasks and do it with passion, you will get amazing results. You will also make the workplace a place for happy colleagues and workmates when you share and spread happiness with them. A stronger work relationship will be created, and that may become a strong foundation of the company’s success in the future.

#3 Join team building activities and outdoor events

Team building activities and outdoor events can be great ways to be active at work. These activities can be effective ways to do physical activities and enhance wellness. Unity and teamwork can also be promoted through these activities. Most of the companies hold such activities to make their employees bond and contribute ideas for the success of the company. Choose to have events and activities that are exciting and fun, so everyone can enjoy and learn anew.

#4 Participate in meetings, seminars, and conferences

Part of every company’s endeavour is to improve the skills and knowledge of employees. Working should also be continuous learning. An effective way to leverage the knowledge and skills of people in the workplace is by participating in seminars, conferences, and even meetings. These activities are all channels that can promote better work performance in the workplace. Typically, these activities are held formal, but you can actually make them more interesting. For instance, choosing to have standing meetings in the workplace can be a smart idea. It can help people to avoid being sedentary. Aside from that, better blood circulation of the body will also be ensured.

#5 Promote passion and creativity 

You can still continue to spend time on your passion and creative insights to achieve an active lifestyle. Do not hesitate to share and contribute your talents and skills. If you can sing, dance, act or create amazing art pieces, find ways on how you can infuse them in the workplace. The more people who appreciate your creativity and passion, the more inspired you will be to work even on challenging tasks.

#6 Use treadmills

Walking treadmills are now becoming a common inclusion in most workplaces. They are utilized to keep the body moving and burn calories to stay fit and healthy. They can be used while working on a standing desk. At first, they can be distracting with your tasks. However, when you get used to it, you will enjoy walking on the treadmill and watch how this can help to keep you fit and healthy.

#7 Utilize the power of standing desks and converters

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can also mean having and using ergonomic appliances. For instance, working on a standing desk can save you from experiencing fatigue and discomfort. You can achieve active work if you choose to have the right equipment, furniture, and accessories. 

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#8 Choose to be healthy and active

Our today’s lifestyle can be too demanding, especially when it comes to working. Some of us are neglecting our health and the proper way on how to take care of it. Discipline and consistency are needed if we want to be active and healthy. If we choose to have an active lifestyle, then make sure to prepare yourself in achieving that. Be active at work and at home. Remember that a sound body and mind can help you reach higher success. 

Final Thoughts

An active lifestyle is possible no matter how busy you are at home and work. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above, if you want to accomplish an active lifestyle through active work.