They aren’t called the Winter Blues by coincidence! Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of mental illness that causes a spike in depression and anxiety during a specific season. For most people, this occurs during the winter months when the sun is hiding and you’re hibernating. Fortunately, there are many activities for seasonal affective disorder you can do to battle the blues and decrease depression and anxiety during this time of year. 

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Seasonal Affective Disorder, in short, is depression and anxiety associated with winter and thought to be caused by a lack of light. But it’s also much more complicated than that, so I highly suggest grabbing our latest eBook, 5 Secrets to Fighting the Winter Blues– for free!

60 Things to Do To Ease Seasonal Affective Disorder

The good news is that whether you’re experiencing seasonal depression, seasonal anxiety or a hefty dose of both, you can easily ease those negative feelings. Here is a list of my top favourite activities for seasonal affective disorder – add them to your winter bucket list!

Outdoor Winter Activities for Seasonal Affective Disorder

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you have to enjoy the season if you want to keep the winter blues at bay! Here are some ideas to add to your winter bucket list:

1.Take a winter walk

2. Go for a drive and enjoy the light festivals

3. Head to your local cafe for a seasonal drink

4. Go sledding

5. Try snow shoeing

6. Have a snow ball fight

7. Build a snow fort

8. Go ice skating

9. Play outdoor hockey on a outdoor rink

10. Go tubing at a local ski hill

11. Attend a local holiday market

12. Go skiing or snowboarding

13. Have a bonfire and roast some marshmallows

14. Go dog sledding

15. Try winter camping in a Yurt

Self Care Winter Activities for Seasonal Affective Disorder

You can never have too many winter self care activities, especially when seasonal depression and seasonal anxiety has you stuck in bed!

16. Have an at-home spa day

17. Get a massage (touch alleviates anxiety)

18. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi

19. Enjoy a trip to a local rock spa

20. Curl up in a cozy weighted blanket for a movie night

21. Try some new essential oils 

22. Take a relaxing bath with seasonal scents

23. Head on a weekend getaway

24.  Read more books

25. Create a calming space in your home

26. Get your hair done

27.  Go for brunch with a friend

28. Do absolutely nothing – and no feeling guilty about it

29. Bake some holiday treats

30. Fill your home with seasonal flowers and plants

31. Take a nap

32. Try colouring for stress relief

Daily Winter Activities for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Every day, it’s important to wake up in a healthy mind space and these daily winter activities will help you do just that!

33. Avoid the traditions that make you stressed out

34. Make your bed 

35.  Wake up and meditate (the Calm app is amazing!)

36. Write in a journal (the Happy Journal from our winter box is incredible. Get a box!)

37. Write down one good thing about each day and keep it in a Happiness Jar

38.  Get outdoors for a minimum of 15 minutes each day

39. Practice gratitude 

40. Clean up and declutter

41. Go to bed earlier

42. Turn off technology for at least an hour a day

43. Take (and use) a personal essential oil diffuser with you 

44. Sing more

45. Dance around your home

46. Do something creative

47. Read positive affirmations

48. Find a motivational quote for each day

49. Stretch!

Other Mental Health Activities for Seasonal Affective Disorder

49. Stay organized with a planner

50. Try a new exercise (yoga is great for seasonal depression and anxiety)

51. Re-wire your brain to find the good in everything with Binaural Tones

52. Take care of a plant

53. Try a new hobby

54. Plan a weekend getaway

55. Say “Yes” to things YOU want to do

56. Take time for yourself

57. Limit the time spent on toxic relationships

58. Avoid handing out with people who don’t make you feel good

59. Say “no” to commitments that make you too busy

60. Enjoy the goodies in our winter Anxiety Gone subscription box!

There are so many incredible things you can do to alleviate seasonal depression and anxiety; most of which don’t even cost a dime! So, treat yourself to these activities for seasonal affective disorder and the winter months won’t seem so unbearable. 

However, if you find that your seasonal depression and anxiety has taken over, consider seeking professional health. Better Help is one of the best online therapy platforms and they offer a 7 Day Free Trial. The difference therapy can make is priceless. 

And don’t forget to download your free copy of my latest eBook, 5 Secrets to Fighting the Winter Blues

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