Hamid Moeini ,nicknamed Roozbeh Moeini is a Actor He was born March 11, 1980 He started theater and drama from his teens at schools. He cooperated with “Mr. Majid Ghanad”, Ms, Parvin Shemshaki” and “Ms. Soosan Keramati” from 1989 to 1991 in “Be Donbale Mehr” (aka In Pursuit of Kindness) and “Zange

Roozbeh Moeini is a Actor

Madrese” (aka School Bell) TV series. His first cinema work was “Khodzani” (aka Self-harm) with Mr. Ahmad Kavari. He was also the first actor of chrome keying commercial clips of Namayesh TV network. Present as Cinema project’s consultant: Zemestane Garm (aka Hot Winter) TV series 2014 Digari (aka The Other) TV series 2014 , Bad, Zesht (aka the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) TV series – Nowrooz 2014 Merajiha (aka the Ascenders) TV series – 2014 Asemane Man (aka My Sky) TV series – 2015 Amin (aka Amen) TV series – 2015 Aghazadeh series- 2020

Present as Cinema Projects’ Consultant: Yek An Eshtebah (aka A Sudden Mistake) cinema movie – 2014 Nardoon cinema movie 2016 Ayneh Baghal (aka Side Mirror) cinema movie – 2017 Darkhoongah cinema movie 2018 Executive Manager of Ghahtie Noor (aka Light Famine) musical play – 2012 Project Consultant of Sakhte Iran 2 (aka Made in Iran 2) series for home display 2017

Roozbeh Moeini is a Actor

Mr. Hamid MOEINI (Roozbeh) is Founding Member and Chairman of Board of Directors of Honar Gostar Hayaiee Acting Academy. This academy has been established in 2014 by Mr. Amin HAYAIEE and Mr. Hamid MOEINI (Roozbeh). He is the agent of Mr. Amin HAYAIEE, the reputable cinema and TV actor and has had numerous activities as successor of producer, plan executor, executive manager and public relations manager of TV Series and consultant of cinema projects and actors after years of activity in the area of art. Instagram Page of Mr. Hamid MOEINI (Roozbeh): https://Instagram.com/roozbeh_moeini