You barely need to turn on the TV or scroll through social media to see just how chaotic our world is today. Many of us feel stuck in a fog of constant negativity and fear that there’s no way out of the crappy life we lead. However, Hollywood actress, producer, and screenwriter Janelle Christa believes that everyone has the power to transform their lives from darkness to light — they just need to know how to do it.

Janelle’s Personal Story

Like many of us, Janelle has experienced a lot of disaster, chaos, and pain during her lifetime. She lived through abuse, a drug addiction, mental illnesses, and a major health crisis during her 20s. She also knows what it’s like to live in poverty and juggle being a single mom with virtually no support. In fact, Janelle says that she spent years of her life feeling hopeless and deeply suicidal.

Yet Janelle is now thriving in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, where she lives with her husband and two incredible children. How did she do it?

Janelle says that her transformation required a large amount of tenacity, dedication, and patience. However, before any of that could happen, Janelle had to make a choice: a choice to push her past aside and break through the negativity that surrounds so many of us. To do that, Janelle says that you must channel your “primary superpowers,” which are choice, will, and love.

What Is A Spiritual Ninja?

According to Janelle, a spiritual ninja is “a straight talking-no- fluff-magical-bad-ass Soldier in the Army of Love. A spiritual ninja is a joy in the chaos of the modern world.” But what  does that even mean?

Well, we all know those people who live the life we all want. They seem happy and able to conquer everything life throws their way no matter what. While many of us think those people just live in the clouds or just experience some sort of magical luck all the time, Janelle says that isn’t the case. In fact, she says that they merely channel their inner power and focus their consciousness in ways that help them achieve their goals and find joy in what the universe gives them.

When we let ourselves to pick up the negative energy within ourselves and all around us, though, we end up feeling drained and empty — which leaves us unable to harness our inner power and focus our consciousness in another direction. However, Janelle says that once you decide to approach the world differently, you can forever transform your life.

How You Can Channel Your Own Inner Positivity

Obviously Janelle’s approach sounds too good to be true, right? However, Janelle claims that, with the right guidance, anyone can learn to shield themselves from the negativity of the world and maintain inner positivity. In this blog post on her website, Janelle even outlines 5 ways to do this very thing.

For starters, Janelle recommends that you make meditation a daily practice. Meditation allows you to tune out the world around you and simply focus inward. You can connect with your  breath, your thoughts, and your body in a way that isn’t possible as we live out our lives. You can start with simple guided meditations or even just spend 5 minutes focusing on your breath.

Additionally, Janelle stresses that exercise is important not only increasing your physical energy, but also improving your brain’s ability to manage hormones and neurotransmitters. This, in turn, helps you remain mentally strong and regulate your emotions more effectively.

To maintain your own inner peace, Janelle says that you can also learn how to close off your aura and create an energy shield to protect you. Although these skills may sound complicated or even a little nonsensical, Janelle can personally attest to the power of these skills and how they have positively impacted her own life.

Janelle also stresses that closing off your aura and creating a protective energy shield won’t cause you to feel closed off from the world or even make you appear standoff-ish; these skills merely help you learn how to take in less of the negativity around you and instead maintain the inner peace that you envision and create.

Although finding inner peace and learning how to maintain your own inner positivity takes time and practice, it’s possible for anyone to achieve.

To learn more about how to transform your life and find inner positivity as a spiritual ninja, you can pick up Janelle Christa’s book or check out her Personal Growth Pow Wows. You can also follow Janelle on Instagram.

Originally published on Moms.