Adam Grant says we need to think more broadly about the way we give to others — and Thrive CEO Arianna Huffington agrees. During a recent discussion about networking, Grant told a story about a young (now successful) entrepreneur, Adam Rifkin, who was having a difficult time getting his business off the ground.

Rifkin decided that wanted to give back to the people in his life, but he wanted to align that giving with something he was really good at. He decided that every morning he was going to make three introductions.

“Over five dozen companies get founded because he ended up connecting someone struggling with a business to someone who can help build a website, Grant said. “He also accidently arranges about four different marriages.”

When it comes to giving back: “It’s not just your time and your money or skills, but it’s also your network, your relationships,” Grant said. “Making those introductions is really powerful.”

Watch the full video above.

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