In the UK it was announced yesterday that life isn’t going to return back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is anymore) probably for this calendar year. 

We are going to need to pivot and adapt for the next few weeks, the next few months so that we can continue running our businesses, keep our livelihoods and adapt our routines to this ‘new normal’. 

We can do it in a way that feels true and authentic to the situation that we’re all in at the moment. I repeat, that we’re ALL in. We’re all in it together.

We’re all trying to navigate the path.

So we’re just all trying to find the right way forwards and because we’re on lockdown, anything and everything has become online. 

If you have your own brand or your own business, especially at a time like this, your community needs you.

Your community needs you more than ever.

Because actually, it’s times like these where we need to pull together. We need to have that sense of community. We need to get those relationships going. That authenticity. We need to have that authenticity with the people that we’re speaking to.

We need to be able to show up for them.

So, if showing up online and speaking to camera has been something that you’ve not done at all before, or if it’s something that actually you’ve done a little bit of, but you’ve mainly thought, you know what, actually, ‘it’s okay, I’m alright without it’, now is the time where we need to start showing the people behind the brands, the people behind the businesses. 

If you’re a service based business, this is the time where you need to get out there and show your personality online.

We have to continue to keep our business growing and developing. We have to continue bringing in money and being able to put food on the table. 

It’s vital that we get confident with getting ourselves out there. 

Start by thinking about how exactly it is that you can translate any things that you were doing in person and how you can translate those into online events.

How you can start to get your face out there, whether it’s doing things like lives, whether it’s things like doing Q and A’s, whether it is running workshops online, whatever it is, now is the time to really start thinking about how we can put that together, because the world has not stopped turning.

It may feel like it admittedly may feel like it right now, but it hasn’t. Nor can we. 

We’ve got to figure out exactly what we can do to adapt and pivot in a way that serves us and our community. 

For example, if you’re a coach, whether that be a life coach, a nutrition coach etc, if you’re some sort of coach, it might be that normally you offer sessions in person, but actually now might be an opportunity to take it online and offer sessions via zoom or on video call. It might be that you’re a Reiki healer, for example, and you want to offer online Reiki, or maybe you’re a PT, and you want to get your classes online.

I’ve got a friend who is a food photographer. She has changed her business because she takes photos for food brands to be able to put out into their advertising. What she started doing is food styling photography courses online. 

It’s helping her community, because actually, she’s got a decent following online as well, and she shares tips, but it also means that she’s stimulated because she’s creating a course online. 

It’s helping those people who would like to buy that course because some people might well be looking for something to keep them also stimulated and learning at the moment.

So if we start to expand and play around, experiment,  grow and develop our business, we’re going to have a new platform of work that we’re able to offer. 

We’re suddenly developing a whole other avenue, that without this happening, looking on the positive side without this happening, we might well have not explored.

This might well be a new chance to build a different brand, a different strand of your business.

What other opportunities to create for you?

It’s quite exciting when you think about it in that sense, isn’t it? It is quite exciting.

But when life goes back to normal, and it suddenly means that we can continue doing all our face to face work, but actually, we’ve got this whole online offering as well – exciting, eh?

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