By Rachael Tulipano

Living and leading a positive life isn’t always possible, especially when negativity creeps into our minds. Maybe we don’t love our jobs, or perhaps we aren’t quite reaching our goals yet, or maybe we feel too much pressure to simply enjoy living in the moment. Whatever the case might be, maintaining a positive outlook can prove challenging at times.

If you struggle with living positively, you’re in luck. GenTwenty has five simple and practical tips for you to implement to bring more positivity into your life.

5 Ways To Bring More Positivity Into Your Life

1. Practice gratitude.

Being grateful for all that you have, such as your family, friends, good health, and accomplishments can really help ground you. Practice gratitude to bring positivity into your day.

Consider picking up a gratitude journal to write down all that you’re thankful for. If you’re the religious type, perhaps praying and thanking your religious figurehead for your overall wellbeing will help bring you a positive outlook.

Practicing gratitude is essential if you want to feel positive and happy about your life.

2. Ditch the negativity.

If you find yourself surrounded by negative people, it might be time to find new company. If negative thoughts cross your mind every time you walk into your workplace, it’s likely time for a new job.

You might know that negativity breeds negativity. Exposing yourself to negative people and thinking negative thoughts is only going to push positivity further and further away from you.

When you find a negative feeling coursing through you, erase it from your mind. It’s not always easy to do, but the more you ditch the negativity the more room you’ll have for positivity.

3. Say no when necessary.

There comes a certain power with saying no. Refusing to agree to do things that you don’t want to do and don’t have to do is bound to make you feel more positive. Why waste your time participating in sports or hobbies that don’t interest you? Why commit to events or spend time with people that don’t invigorate you?

We have to do so many things in life we’d rather not do: pay taxes, work for a living, etc. We should spend our free time saying yes to what makes us happy and saying no to what doesn’t. Saying no to what doesn’t bring you joy will bring positivity into your life.

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4. Adopt a pet. 

Pets have this innate ability to put a smile on your face. If you can afford the costs associated with having a pet, you have the time in your schedule to care for one, and you are responsible, adopting a pet might be just the thing you need to bring some sunshine into your life.

Pets are an incredible source of positivity. Think about dogs, in particular. They are always happy to see you, offer unconditional love, and can give you a sense of purpose. Inviting a pet into your home is bound to make you feel more positive. However, be certain you’re prepared for the responsibility that comes with taking care of a living and breathing being.

5. Confide in someone.

When life gets you down and you feel overwhelmed, talking to others can help you feel more positive. Things will undoubtedly stress you out from time to time, like work, family, illness, and other events. Be sure you have a friend to confide in. Don’t hesitate to see a professional, like a therapist, if needed. Confiding in others will help put things in perspective and can definitely help you make room for more positivity in your life.

Positivity and happiness are not easy to feel on a daily basis, especially when juggling work, school, family, relationships, and more. It can prove challenging to push negative thoughts from your mind, but ultimately necessary. Stay optimistic. Aim for positivity each and every day. Find happiness in even the smallest of accomplishments. Life is a journey, but a short one at that. Don’t let the hard stuff get you down. Keep at it and positivity will flood your life.

Originally published on GenTwenty.

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