Whether you’re moving into a new space or looking to make your current one more cozy, there are ways to make it the perfect place to de-stress. Here’s how a member of the Thrive Global community used lighting and textures to create a lounge-like feel:

“When I make my sitting room/lounge a stress-free sanctuary, I feel more relaxed at night, and more organised in the morning because I have the right mindset for my work day. I take a few minutes when I get home to do some simple things which help me relax, leave work behind, and become my ‘at home’ self with my family or friends. Decide what your unique needs are. I like lighting scented candles around the house using beautiful, long matches, so that even the act of striking them is a part of the experience. Next, I tidy any items that have been dumped in my sanctuary (just into a ‘to do’ pile elsewhere for the owners of said items to deal with). I plump the sofa cushions and get out a pile of soft blankets for whoever likes to curl up, and put music on low volume. There’s also a bunch of great novels to read if the fancy takes me, and luxurious hand cream within reach. These simple things create an environment where I can relax and we can come together organically.”

—Melanie Yates, digital agency office manager, Brighton, UK

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