In my  years as a teacher with a profound interest of understanding children’s intuitive abilities and “inner world”, I’ve developed a ‘clear vision’ of the children that I’ve met along my journey who shows signs of ADD/ADHD.

In the US alone, it’s estimated that 9,4 % of children aged 2-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. That is an estimated number of 6.1 million in the US, according to the American Psychiatric Association (Web; 2018). 388,000 of these children are between the age of 2-5 when they are diagnosed, 77% receive treatment, and 33 % are treated with medication alone. One interesting point that strikes me is that ADHD is treated with medicine (as well as behavioral therapy), even though it’s not yet known what the root cause of ADHD is. Researchers claim that ADHD is a neurodevelopmental and has to do with the way the brain grows and develops, and others view the cause of ADHD as eating too much sugar, watching too much tv, and so on. This view does not hold enough research to be evaluated by medical professionals, so when parents seek medical advice for their children (even under 6 years old!) they are often medicated. I would like to offer another opinion on ADHD, based on my observations in the classroom and experiences with energy; ADHD is “entrapment of energy”. The root cause of this is stagnation of the creative power in children. This can only be ‘resolved’ by unleashing creative power amongst the children diagnosed with ADHD. 

The synergy effect that happens when a variety of children enters the classroom is that everyone will instantly try “to find their place”, and some children that are already inclined to be active (and have a lot of energy) will fall into the role as an “uneasy child”. In addition, some children will crave attention and they will find education boring, simply because their “inner world” doesn’t not match the “outer world”. 

Have you ever met a child that is “internally driven” and do not necessary “do as they are told” by the hierarchy, that daydream to to stay connected with their heart, or talk too much, simply because they get nervous? At this point, I must mention that I am not a medical professional, I am simply offering a different opinion from a higher consciousness.

Here’s 5 steps on how you can unleash trapped energy in 5 powerful steps that will ensure your child’s happiness, regardless of your personal or professional view on ADHD;

  1. Shift from anger towards you child’s forgetfulness into focusing upon love-based structures. The energy will then shift so that your child can develop “an inner structure from love”, because your child (of the new generation) will most likely not obey to most of the controlling structures that exists in society, home and in education today.
  2. Support “big ideas”, – daydreaming is the soul calling for a connection with “who we are”. Ask and support children in what they are thinking of rather than ‘forcing them’ to focus upon topics that may not be relevant for them. Enforcement and control will only ‘push’ the new generation further away from the point you are making, and in worst case, into depression.
  3. Connect with nature, -to avoid “fidgeting” and to “free” physical energy. Obsession with touching pencils and books (if you are a teacher, you know what I mean!), or other ways of ‘fidgeting’ or ‘distractions’ in the classroom, is a sign that the child is physically unbalanced. This is where outdoor activities in nature is necessary. Physical energetic suppression is the worst case of “energetic suppression”, and I suggest that one of the ‘root causes of ADHD lays simply in the cause of lack of interacting with nature.
  4. Focus upon self-love. Talking too much is a sign of lack of love, hence “craving attention”. With Love, I mean “self-love”. Focusing on empowerment practices and tasks will support these children to shift away from the need of ‘external validation’ into internal harmony and happiness. Saying so, there’s a difference of being ‘talkative’ and an ‘excessive attention seeker’, and finding a balance of listening and focusing upon self-love, is the key.
  5. Support risk taking. Does your child take unnecessary risks or make “careless mistakes”? That’s a sign by the medical society that your child has ADHD. How about viewing this behavior as an important skill set for future leaders of our new earth…? Leadership skills and entrepreneurship is what I see when a child is what we described in such matter. In addition, children with these qualities often tend to ‘look above’ (or ‘look ahead’) of what lays before them. If we dig even deeper, they may be following their soul’s calling from love, and a different pathway that society do not know about yet.

These factors described above are some of few factors that are used by the medical community to assess ADHD. The American center for disease control and prevention describes different signs of ADHD as; Forgetfulness, daydreaming, fidgeting, talking too much, and taking unnecesary risks (cdc.go 2018). These are the same factors I see as unique strengths within children who are here on earth to create a love-based society. I refer to these children as ‘sensitives’ that can see and feel energy, so I believe that we should consider energetic skill development in addition to math and language learning in modern education. In the end, I would like to mention that there are no simple ways of solution to the increase of medicating young children, but I do want to ask you this; is your child happy? Consider that the new generation hold different energy than our own, so who are we to ask them to ‘fit in’ to our structures, when they already have their own?


  • Linn Angell

    Intuitive Teacher, MA

    144 & Sunya

    As a professional teacher and born clairvoyant, Linn wants to support the New Generation towards freedom! FreedomĀ is about knowing who we are and our mission on Earth. Linn founded 144 education and Sunya Ngo to support people into their life's purpose.