“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

It’s easy to think that truly successful people were just more fortunate from the beginning. They had the talent, the looks, the money -everything they needed to succeed. And to some extent, it is true that those from stable families who were not burdened by poverty or physical limitations did have it easier than those who had major obstacles to overcome. But there are countless examples of people who have reached unparalleled success despite significant challenges in their lives.

Adnan Javid Khan

For the young man called Adil Javid Khan better known as Adnan Javid Khan from Kashmir, born on 5th March 2003, life has never been easy. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but has earned everything with his hard work and diligence. He embarked with his internet marketing company called ‘Notorious Digital Media’ which was earlier called ‘Block Domain’. He is the founder and the C.E.O of the company and very well known for solely managing it.

Today I felt compelled to speak to those that are struggling in the world. Whether it is your career, your home life or your past; we all have gone through hardship in our lives at some point and almost on a daily basis we have to overcome obstacles. What I’ve found is that everyone reacts differently during difficult times. Some better than others. Ultimately the choice you face is yours alone to make. That choice may be hard and something you don’t want to face it says Adnan.

Adnan Javid Khan says setting goals is step one to making progress with anything in your life. But the process of achieving those goals can get more complicated. You will face setbacks and roadblocks that may have you questioning your commitment to your goal and your ability to achieve it. Sometimes these challenges feel like giant red stop signs; but often, they’re learning experiences that will ultimately benefit you once you overcome them.

Obstacles are the stumbling blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals. They are the limiting factors that hinder you from achieving your desired dreams, and you have to overcome these obstacles to move further in life. It’s not enough to set goals; you need to actualize your goals. It is at the point of execution that life becomes unbearable as unexpected setbacks and obstacles set in. People who have overcome obstacles have found new ways to look at old problems. In order to overcome their own difficulties, they have had to think creatively, a skill which makes them successful in other areas of their lives. The old saying that challenges are simply opportunities applies here. Successful people are not afraid to fail as they try new solutions and look for ways to overcome the obstacle that is in their path.

When faced with an obstacle, emotions run high since you’re likely to react to the ensuing drama. Step back from the chaos and see the obstacle from a greater perspective. Some challenges are beyond you. They are so daunting that you don’t have a clue on how to overcome them. Perhaps, you are even afraid or weak to the bone. It shouldn’t be the end of the world. Just take a deep breath and list those things you can control advises Adil.

Remember that failure is a part of life and many people who are undeniably successful have often failed publicly. You will experience challenges that are both minor and major throughout your life, and it is up to you to decide how you’re going to react to them. If you’re able to navigate through obstacles, you will find that a goal that once seemed unattainable will start to become a reality he quoted.