Music is the most universal art form. In the most literal meanings, music is defined as the combination of vocal and instrumental sounds, which create new, harmonious sounds. However, the meaning of music expands on a broader spectrum. Music is an art itself and is a language that is understood worldwide.

Like every other phenomenon, people who love music are divided into major categories. While for some people, it’s the lyrics that speak their heart and soul; for others, it is the music that lifts their souls. The population of people who prefer music beats are drastically increasing. The work of many talented artists is attracting music fanatics from all over the world.

Electro music is taking over the world today, more than ever before. This is helping many new artists to join the limelight. Among the most notable electronic music producers today stands Adriana Ruppert- a trailblazer who is creating a sea of admirers across the globe.


Adriana Ruppert is a German based Dj. She grew up bonding with her sister, Anca. The Dj looked up to Anca for inspiration and support. Ruppert says that her sister played a major role in helping her achieve her dreams and goals.

As a child, Ruppert was interested in art and used to draw well. She enjoyed listening to music and was a big fan of the Back Street Boys. Her favorite member from the band was Brain Literall, and she enjoyed his voice in the songs the most.

Even when she was quite young, Ruppert had a growing fondness for music and wanted to do more than just listen to it. This urge made her pick piano lessons, and eventually, she started composing music. Ruppert would spend extended periods in studios in Germany and other countries. The desire to get deeper into the music industry grew more when she took a leap in the analog and modular world. Ruppert always felt a connection with electronic instruments, which played a major role in taking the decision to pursue a career as a DJ.


Adriana Ruppert’s love for Deep Tech and Techno compelled her to become a graduate in the music industry. Ruppert took a step forward in the electro-music industry by creating a company “Hatching Creatures Records” in 2016 through partnering with Julian Velez Dj and Producer from Miami. Ruppert and Julian work together to make Hatching Records one of the world’s leading record labels.

The vision of the company is to give underground artists an opportunity to come forward. Ruppert hopes to deliver the message, “We appreciate real music producers who work hard and deliver genuine music!” through the company and provide a platform for various artists to pursue their dream.

In 2018, the company also began hosting a show, “Hatching Creatures Radio Show.” The show, too, was created for introducing new artists and new tracks to electronic music enthusiasts.

On 20th November 2017, Ruppert independently released her first track, ‘Just Dance.’ The track received a lot of positive responses from Spain, Turkey, Greece, and New York. The most responses the track received were from the Latin parts of the world, including Chile, Colombia and Argentina. The DJ won the DJANEMAG’s 2019 Revelation Producer, which is proof of her success.

Her accomplishments pushed her more towards creating new tracks. She came to love the machines Prophet-6 and Roland Juno 6 synthesizers, the bass line with Moog Minimoog and the percussions with Elektron Octatrack MIKII 8 and TR 909 the most. Ruppert released ‘The Damn Thing, in 2017 and ‘Twisted Impulses in 2018.

Her most recent release, ‘iFreak,’ was released in 2019 under the Hatching Records Label. The original song ‘iFreak’ with the remix of British renowned music producer Jey Kurmis managed to secure rank 7th on the Beatport chart of the Best Tracks in October.

However, this was not the first time that Beatport recognized Ruppert’s tracks. Her tracks ‘Hmm’ and ‘Away’ were loved worldwide. ‘Hmm’ managed to position itself on the 19th rank in Top 100 General of the platform within the Minimal / Deep Tech genres for several weeks. Her track ‘Away’ has been integrated into compilations of several artists. Even ‘The Damned Thing’ and ‘Twisted Impulses’ were racked 5th and 9th on Beatport’s chart of Top 10. Ruppert is also a recipient of the Galardon Mara International 2019.

The talented electro artist is using her skills to make a difference in the techno world. Her efforts, dedication and her passion for music help her in moving forward. Her love to produce ‘genuine’ music is helping her to gain recognition internationally.