Clarity is everything when it comes to taking action and creating results in your business. Over the last 18 years in my marketing communications career I have learned the power of asking the right questions. Mostly because I’ve witnessed answer-avoidance, what it is to ask the wrong question and even worse ask the right question… skip answering honestly and pushing forward on something that is blurry. It’s okay. No judgement. We’ve all been there. We’re ALL a work in progress. Businesses are too.

There are fundamental elements to building a successful business. I don’t claim to have the answers but I do know what questions to ask. That is the foundation of the Shine On process. When you know what questions to ask and work towards answering them clearly it’s inevitable that you’ll cultivate excitement and an impulse to take action. This builds a strong foundation.

My mission is to turn you on in your business. To help you get clear and take action. Shine On is about recognizing what’s truly valuable in the business you are building and how to make that the driving force in everything you do. I believe the results will speak for themselves and you as the leader will be delighted that your business Shine’s On every day!

Lead in the light, Lucy


  • Lucy Colangelo

    Clarity Expert & Creator of the ShineOn™ Method

    Lucy Colangelo is a writer, speaker, clarity expert and creator of ShineOn™, a mindset methodology. She developed this unique approach to build resilient, reinventive and mentally tough people.